Styles that Enhance the Wow Factor of the Dining Room

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dining table styles

People are spending more time at home than ever before. Hence, people prefer an in-dining experience to dining out. All these changes are brought about by the pandemic-induced lockdowns. Although people have started venturing out of their homes, the desire for comfort and stability is dictating life decisions. This has also driven people to change their home decor and decorate it in a way that guarantees relaxation and a place for entertaining guests. 

As such, the dining room and, mainly, the dining table occupy an important position in any home’s decor. The table is an essential add-on and allows families and friends to enjoy meals together. It is a means to rejuvenate and connect better. 

Dining tables are available in different materials and finishes. You can find tables in glass, wood, marble, and more. Here are some popular styles of dining tables and sets you can add to your home. 

Round Tables 

Round Tables

Round and rectangular dining tables are the most common. This is a choice that most families have to make, and the decision impacts the dining room’s decor. 

Round tables are edgeless, and this allows homeowners to arrange their guests in a more equal and free manner. The value of round dining tables is increasingly being recognized by homeowners as it creates an illusion of more space. 

Round tables appear more lightweight and smaller when installed in smaller dining rooms. These tables lack sharp corners, and the edges can be utilized fully. Due to the lack of edges, it is easier to bond while sitting around a round dining table. Guests can make direct eye contact, and it is much more intimate. 

These tables create an atmosphere of coziness and completeness while offering the dining room greater ease of versatility and seating. 

The round table design is here to stay because people prefer intimate settings where guests can converse intimately. It can be a stylish centerpiece and boost the decor. Add a few cozy dining chairs to the dining table in Kolkata, and the setting will be complete. 

Dining Tables with Slide-in Chairs or a Bench 

Dining Tables

To create a cute and intimate dining setting, you can opt for dining tables with slide-in chairs. This setting is perfect for indoor and outdoor areas. The design can be made of wood, or you can choose marble or glass tabletop. However, you must consider the limited space availability. 

If you wish to create a modern dining room design, you won’t go wrong combining the different elements of furniture in a single frame. You can get a dining table set with a bench to have a picnic-style in-dining experience. Also, more people can sit on the bench, and you can have a gala feast. Letting go of the traditional chairs may do wonders for your home. 

Extendable Dining Tables 

Extendable Dining Tables

Another style of dining table that’s growing in popularity is extendable tables. This table style has been trending due to the work-from-home culture. The tables can be square, round, or rectangular in design. Depending on the table’s model, you can transform the extendable tables to double the seating space. You can increase and decrease the initial size of the table. 

The tables might be made from crystal, wood, metal, plastic, glass, or mixed materials. Homeowners continue to seek these designs to spruce up their dining room decor. 

These tables are popular because they can be expanded during celebrations and holiday dinners and closed during normal family dinners with a limited number of people. Since holidays and staying home is becoming so rampant these days, people are optimistic about family reunions and get-togethers. These tables ensure that friends and loved ones are never left out of the party. 

Multifunctional Dining Tables 

Multifunctional Dining Tables 

Minimalism is spreading worldwide at an exponential rate. The multifunctional tables are modern, and it has become the go-to table style for many homeowners. The table is flexible and versatile. It is a game-changer in the dining table industry, and the multifunctional design quickly adjusts and adapts to the home’s decor. It can be a desk by day and transform into a dining table by night. 

Since more people are working remotely and from their homes, space has become an essential commodity. This has made the multifunctional dining table the best option. This table adapts perfectly well to a fast-paced lifestyle and is easier to manage and clean. 

You can check your options of multifunctional dining tables by heading to high end furniture stores in Kolkata. These stores have an excellent collection that you can go through and decide on the one that suits your home. 

Wood, Glass, or Marble Dining Table 

Wood, Glass, or Marble Dining Table 

As you might already be aware, wood dining tables are timeless. They defy changing trends and continue to rule dining rooms globally. It doesn’t matter what kind of interior decor is ruling your dining room, the wooden table is always suitable for homes. These tables are organic and timeless. There are different shades of earthy tones, and it can create an inviting atmosphere. 

Besides wood, there are other options to include in your dining room decor. You will find different types of table tops. For instance, glass table tops with wooden legs look perfect in modern dining room decor. Marble table tops are also pretty popular in contemporary and modern decor. 

You can combine these tables with sleek metal chairs and make them stand out. 

Folding Dining Table 

Folding Dining Table 

Are you struggling with space? You can get a folding dining table for your dining room. Foldable tables are perfect for smaller spaces that can be used for social gatherings and intimate family dinners. 


The dining room is the heart of any home, and it must create an intimate, welcoming atmosphere. The right environment is essential if you want to create unforgettable memories over delicious meals. 

If you are unsure of the type of table and chairs, you must include in your home, consult a decor and design professional. Also, you can visit a furniture store to check out your options.


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