7 Simple Ways To Source Up Your Living Space Using Stylish Accessories

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Simple Ways To Source Up Your Living Space Using Stylish Accessories

Don’t you wish you could press the ‘refresh’ button and give your home a quick makeover? But embarking on a full-blown renovation can be daunting. Fret not, there are ways to revive your space with a fresh, vibrant allure without changing every detail of your living space. Simply sprinkle some of the choicest accessories and transform the familiar environment into something fresh. 

Besides giving your space a renewed glow, accessories can also inject personality and pizzazz into your interior decor without breaking the bank. So, continue reading to explore the world of accessories and how you can use them to give your home a simple update. 



It is baffling that something as simple as pillows can instantly update the look of your space. And the options are myriad. 

The standard throw and accent pillows do a good job of elevating the comfort of your home and adding a bit of personality to the seating areas. But if you are looking to achieve a bold and on-the-face update, swap out all the standard throw and accent pillows and opt for pillows that are bursting with tactile intrigue. Think of plush velvet pillows or chunky knits. Carelessly arrange them on the sofa and armchair to give your living room a gorgeous upgrade. These pillows can also elevate the comfort of the dining chairs. 

When it comes to choosing pillows, let your imagination run wild. Pillows are available in a wide variety of colors, shapes, sizes, fabrics, and textures. Head to home decor stores in Kolkata and feast on the amazing variety of pillows that you can bring home. 



Lighting is the most important aspect of home decoration because it single-handedly sets the mood. Also, lights are one of the most sought-after accessories that can give your home an instant update. By simply changing the lighting in the bedroom, living room, or dining room, you can give your home a makeover. 

You can ditch the harsh overhead glare and embrace ambient lighting. Think of string fairy lights along the curtains in the living room to create a magical twinkle when the sun sets, or you can bring home a modern chandelier for your dining room. Lanterns in varying sizes can be placed on console tables or carefully nestled amid the bookshelves. 

Do you have empty mason jars? If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can upcycle these jars into candle holders. This will add a rustic charm. The upcycled candle holders can be placed on the coffee table, console table, or even the dining table. 

Also, don’t forget about experimenting with layered lighting. You can easily combine table lamps with floor lamps and place candles strategically to create a welcoming and warm environment. 


show pieces

Do the tables in your home look bare? Fill them up and make them the focal point by heading to a showpiece shop in Kolkata. Showpieces are decorative items that add style and personality to any home. These objects come in a wide variety of sizes, shapes, styles, and materials. 

Showpieces can make the tables appear full, and they can also be kept in other empty spaces, such as bookshelves. These decorative items will instantly draw attention and elevate your decor. 

If you purposely want to draw attention toward these showpieces, you can consider using lights. 

Botanical Elements 


Give your interior a little touch of the outdoors by bringing home botanical elements, such as air plants or succulents. These indoor plants are low-maintenance and add a touch of green to your decor. Owing to their vibrant hues and structural forms, your home will be transformed into something exotic that demands constant attention. 

You can even fill glass terrariums with miniature landscapes. Suspending trailing plants for a bohemian touch is a good idea. 

If you don’t have a green thumb, you can opt for faux botanicals. But be sure to choose the faux botanicals carefully so that they can instantly inject a touch of natural life into your living space and make your home come alive. 

Botanical elements can be used in the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and even bathroom. 

Window Treatments 


It is possible to frame your rooms with the right window treatments. Window blinds and shades are essential for framing a spectacular view. You can find customized window blinds and shades for your windows. Along with improving the view, window treatments block sunlight and improve the acoustics of the house. 

Wall Art 


Are the walls looking bare? You can spruce them up with wall decor in Kolkata. Out of the four walls in the room, dedicate one wall to art so that it demands the most attention. 

You can put up framed pictures of happy memories, mirrors with or without lights, metal wall art, or even shelves. You can also paint this particular wall in a different color than the rest of the walls so that it attracts the maximum attention and becomes the focal point. 

Wall art is available in so many different styles, sizes, and shapes that you won’t face any difficulty finding the right fit for your home. 

Rugs and Carpets 

Rugs and Carpets 

When it comes to defining a space and adding that touch of sophistication, you cannot go wrong with carpets and rugs. With an area rug, you can define your space or establish a color scheme for your entire home. 

If your living room doubles as the dining space, you can use rugs and carpets to clearly demarcate the two areas. 

Using an accented or solid rug, you can elevate the different styles and furniture choices in your room. Ornate patterns and textures can add visual interest and also work with other decor elements to create an interesting look. 

The Bottom Line 

So, the next time you think of giving your home a quick refresh, think of playing and experimenting with accessories. It doesn’t take much effort to add accessories to the existing decor and give your home an updated look instantly. You can even change accessories seasonally if you like to refresh your home every few months. 

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