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10 Modern Sofa Styles that Will Truly Make You Fall in Love

Are you a sofa-shopping fiend? Do you spend your free time thinking of ways to pep up the look of your home? What started as a whirlwind romance with home décor, has turned into a bit of an obsession?

Everybody knows that the sofa

Decor Tips to Help You Make the Most of a Living Room that Can Double as a Dining Room

Whether it is a modern home or a studio apartment, everyone loves a breezy layout and an open floor plan. This is why combining dining and living rooms is a raging trend today in the home décor world. However, creating stark separations from room to room, while prese

5 Must-haves for a Comfortable and Welcoming Living Room

Designing your living room can be an overwhelming and challenging task.

When it comes to decorating, the living room is the most important in your house. It is the room where you entertain your loved ones and guests and it is where