Decor Tips to Help You Make the Most of a Living Room that Can Double as a Dining Room

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Multipurpose Dining Room

Whether it is a modern home or a studio apartment, everyone loves a breezy layout and an open floor plan. This is why combining dining and living rooms is a raging trend today in the home décor world. However, creating stark separations from room to room, while preserving the open space essence, can be a real challenge. Both living and dining rooms are areas where people enjoy their meals, unwind and entertain friends. So, undoubtedly, the dining and living room need to be as beautiful as they are functional.

When it is about setting up your living area and dining room, it is crucial to establish a demarcation so that each room is viewed as its own space. If you fail to do so, you’ll just end up having dinner on the couch with a pop-up tray.

To get started, you are going to have to arrange furniture in such a way that the functionality of your open-plan interior gets maximized without sacrificing style. Then, you will want to decorate both areas in a way that each has its unique style and does not clash with one another. Finally, you have to tie them together so that the décor feels cohesive and flows right into the other area. Even though you have separated the areas, you would still want one room to lead you effortlessly to the other.

Yes, it might seem like a lot to process, but you just need to consult a trusted interior designer or speak to home furniture dealers to understand the décor pieces that you would be needing. Also, you can take look at the below-given tricks and tips to help you bring your dining-living room combo vision to life.

Use rugs to clearly define spaces

Separating Rooms with Rugs

Rugs instantly add texture, infuses color and bring warmth to any space that it has been added to. It also helps in separating and defining spaces. By assigning individual rugs, you can create clear separations between the dining and living room. Also, rugs will help to visually create boundaries that will show your guests and you where your living room begins and where your dining room ends. Since rugs come in so many colors, sizes and shapes, you can be sure of finding one that perfectly fits you and your personality. So, just get rugs and start decorating.

Divide the rooms using a couch

Using a Sectional to Divide a Room

Screens are a fabulous way to divide any space, but they defeat the entire purpose of an open concept. So, in place of a screen, you can make use of your furniture to create the needed division. When placed strategically, the back of your sofa or couch can act as a room divider without ruining the airy open plan. Place your couch with its back facing the dining room and in doing so, you will block off each room so that it feels defined on its own. Then, decorate the living room with all the essentials, such as end tables, a coffee table, accent chairs and so on, and lay them out in front of your couch so that it feels functional. Just like that, you will have a fully-functioning living room that will not clash with your dining room.

Get a bistro table instead of a kitchen island

Bistro Table instead of a Kitchen Island

Evaluating the layout and size of your physical space before decorating is vital. Also, don’t forget to think about the end goal for the space. If you are someone who loves to entertain people, you might not need a large dining room, but a large living room. A larger couch is going to benefit you more than a large dining table if you are someone who hosts regular movie nights. So, you can swap out your kitchen island and install a small bistro table where the family can enjoy intimate meals.

Assign each area characterizing, unique traits

 Unique Traits

When it is about defining a space, you are recommended to explore design traits that are not just limited to rug designs and seating options. By simply adding accessories and other design elements, such as a carpet, wall décor or even choosing the right chandelier, you can establish unique characteristics for each space. For example, you can give your dining space its own lighting by hanging a pendant lamp over the table. This is going to make your dining area appear more defined. Furthermore, you can hang wallpaper or paint an accent wall in the living room to give the space its own identity.

So, these are a few dining room-living room combo décor ideas that you can take inspiration from. Make sure to assess your needs carefully before you start decorating or redecorating. With a combined living and dining room, you can make intelligent use of available space.

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