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The living room is the most vital space of any abode. People who come to visit your first step towards the drawing-room. So naturally, uniqueness and importance are attached to this area of your house. Additionally, other rooms are also given importance on an equal level by investing money in furnishing them.


Lighting is an extraordinary part of home decoration. The well-lit areas are automatically more captivating than those with poor lighting. Nowadays, the custom of illuminating every corner of the house with a significant chandelier has gathered momentum. To move at a considerable speed along with changing trends and times, modern furniture stores in Kolkata have everything that goes with contemporary home designs.

How to Redecorate Your Space with Statement Chandeliers?

Modern Chandeliers Design


You can seek advice from any home decorator about the need of a proper and systematic lighting inside the home premises. The answer can be envisioned beforehand. An absolute lighting paves way for visibility so that all elements are distinctly perceptible. So, in order to refinish your area focus on the following points:-

The Style Utterance

Elegant Chandelier Designs


A chandelier is one of those heavy ornamental decorations that cannot be replaced every day. It’s marked stylishness is often combined with colors of status and grandeur. The range is vast and even more evolved now due to experiments in interior d├ęcor. Our furniture stores in Kolkata incorporate their own large-scale assemblage of fancy hanging lights. The bodywork of chandelier has been made in such a fashion so as to improve the outlook of the complete space. In such an environment, friendly interactions and festivities seem to be blissful.


The unparalleled crystal, candle, glass, and shaded ceiling attachments are impeccable for the dining room, living room, kitchen, and hallway installation. Crystal chandeliers are outstandingly popular due to dripping crystal effectiveness that sums up a riveting look. You can also go for an affordable, yet uncluttered glass light hangings that do not forget to compliment a modest home backdrop, at our best furniture shop in Kolkata. The designs and little details of chandeliers are given special attention since we realize that small things add up to big characteristics of home decorations.


Now let’s move on to some real feeling of burning candles inside your house for a more romantic and warmer effect. This outcome is attributed to the ability of candle chandeliers to integrate glimmering bulbs into their framework. This magic can be continued within your bedroom by going for shaded chandeliers that give a softer and unpretentious makeover. A will to redecorate your house with the help of chandeliers will make you look for the best furniture in Kolkata diligently. However, at our website, we have provided enough information that will help you to fabricate a better, top-quality choice for home surroundings.

Consider Size

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A chandelier should be of a proper size so as not to overthrow the background details. A smaller size may not be too suitable if the ceiling is large. As such, size factor is highly considered. This problem can be sorted out by being a bit methodical while measuring the size of your room. Take a note of the width and length in feet and then decide accordingly which chandelier provided along with home furniture in Kolkata, is a supreme choice for you.


The height of chandeliers is chosen according to the average height of the ceiling. So, focusing on this aspect of chandelier installation, keep a few points straightforward. If the ceiling height is low, then it’s best to pick a chandelier that is closely packed. For a taller ceiling, a heavy and colossal light hanging would be matchless. We hold a good position as furniture dealers in Kolkata whose motto is to deliver the best decorative furniture at your doorstep.

Placing the Chandeliers

Modern Chandelier Design & Elegance


The daunting task of deciding the size of a chandelier is accomplished now. Now we shall see the right place for installing these ceiling hangings. A minimum gap of 7 feet from the floor is recommended by interior designers. Regarding walls, an approximate distance of 4 feet is usually the best. To prevent any issue of improper setting. To lighten up the most monotonous backgrounds and spaces, we provide chandeliers at the best furniture store in Kolkata.


The guidelines for the installation of light hangings in the bedroom and kitchen are of course different since there is less space. All those who love to experiment with the look of their house from time to time must give a try to the newer spectrum of chandeliers that are made to enhance the home interiors. The admiration for these exquisite and style adorning gifts from our modern furniture showroom in Kolkata will definitely give wings to your dreams of an ideal home setup.

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