The Ultimate Designer Furniture Buying Checklist to Follow

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Buying Checklist to Follow for Designer Furniture

Because furniture can determine the overall look and feel of your living space, one must not take this task lightly. These sets of pieces impact your health, efficiency, and comfort as well. Furniture enhances the decor quotient of your house. It decides the vibe with simplistic elements such a colour, texture, or even size. Although a lot of thought goes into buying a single piece of furniture, we sometimes miss out on the most common yet sensible factors. Imagine yourself walking yourself from showroom to showroom getting confused by the talks of the salesmen, indirectly pushing you on what to buy. It’s the worse right? But let’s not get harsh on him. What possible clue he has about your choices and your home space. In such a case, which is almost every time, it is better to have a checklist of what kind of furniture you want – prepared beforehand. This gives the salesman and you, as a buyer, much clarity while purchasing. It is also very time effective and you don’t end up regretting over your buy!


All this might sound pretty challenging to you (in reality, it fairly is!), but let us guide you through a few tips that’ll ease out your worries. Make sure to follow them before your next furniture-shopping haul!


#1 Chart out your needs.


Chart out your needs


What about buying the high quality and high-cost piece without it being functional? The second most essential use of furniture after being attractive is its functionality. Focus on the following questions –


• Why do you need a certain piece

• For what particular purpose?

• How much space do you have in your house to accommodate it?

• What is your budget?


This will help you conclude a list of queries. It is important for you to determine these above questions to gain clarity while buying avoid getting confused by other similar choices.


Knowing your furniture needs and constraints related to it, help you navigate your choices better.

#2 Finding your aesthetic


Aesthetic Furniture Ideas


You are judged by the choices you make. Harsh but true! Your home and living space sums up a reflection of you. So make sure to choose wisely.


If you want your furniture to represent you, understand what your style is! This will grant you the confidence to buy the right piece of furniture. Most importantly, it compliments your house dictating your aesthetic. Having a particular taste might amuse you with unique pieces. You can marry your items together in a synced theme. This theme can be personal and self-curated.

#3 Generate a Budget.


Set a Budget for Furniture Shopping


Drafting your budget can help minimize so many of your worries as one is likely to overspend in furniture shopping. It is much easier to gauge through the variety by categorizing your price range. You can find similar furniture pieces that come in various prices. This depends on quality, brand, and location. Set a realistic budget in your mind. Follow your set mark while selecting your buy.

#4 Do not compromise in quality.


High-end Quality Furnitures


Sometimes we have the notion that costly furniture bags quality. This is not true.


One must know the basic quality standards with regards to furniture built. Your furniture should be sustainable and should live as a long term piece. Decide for what reason or purpose you need particular furniture. Then, go for the specific materials in terms of a long life. You have to buy furniture that lasts. It’s not like you revamp your furniture with every coming season or occasion.

#5 Know about your fabrics


Designer Fabrics


Most of us overlook the fabric type while buying furniture. We generally focus on colour and size, which are important too. But, if you want sustainability, the fabric used in the making of your furniture also matters. Some fabrics are thin and are of a low quality. These are prone to wear and tear with regular use. Others are difficult to clean and therefore may not be suitable for a certain setting. There are also some fabrics that get dirty easily. So what’s the use of buying costly, fancy furniture that is hard to maintain!

#6 Inspect your furniture


Furniture Inspection


Don’t we try on our clothes first and taste our gourmet cheeses before buying them? The same should be the case with furniture. You should inspect every part of the selected piece carefully and diligently. If it contains doors, drawers, locks, etc., inspect them properly to see if they work just fine. You don’t want any issue after buying adding to more cost and nuisance. Also, check for the alignment, symmetry, any scratches, cleaning residue, paint flop, anything!


#7 Ask for the right care to be taken


Ask for the right care to be taken


Do not hesitate to ask for the right cleaning and maintaining techniques for your individual pieces. Every furniture has a different built, different material which needs to be taken care of in a particular way for a longer life. Ex. Furniture made with leather or fur.


We hope these above tricks will help you get better at furniture shopping and get a good judgment about what to expect or buy. With this, we wish you have a hassle-free experience. Happy Shopping!

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