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It is often said – and rightfully so – that the dining room is the most important room in the house. After all, the dining room is the part of the house where not only the daily meals are consumed, but one where conversations are held, ideas are shared, friendships are built, relationships are strengthened and stories are told. In fact, it may be said that the dining room is the room that reveals the most about the family living in a particular house. The dining room is also where friends, family, guests and visitors from near and far primarily interact and experience the hospitality of the residents. Needless to say, the dining room is where the first impressions are made – first impressions of not just the dining room and the home, but of the family as well!

The design of the dining room, including the layout of the furniture in it, as well as the overall decor and aesthetics, has the largest impact on not only visitors but also on residents. This is because everything taken together is what forms the overall ambience, and this in turn sets the tone for the overall experience. 

Just as you would go to a premium sofa shop in Kolkata, you should consider doing the same for outfitting your dining room with the best furniture and fixtures that will truly give it the elegance and splendour it deserves. 

Furniture is what gives character to any space, and the dining room is especially important for the reasons listed above. It is recommended that the furniture pieces that you choose to decorate your dining room with are those which provide utility, comfort and value. Each and every furniture item you choose, from the dining table with chair, to the cushions, linen and the upholstery, to the lighting and the decorative pieces; everything makes a statement. 

Design, as we all know, is a highly fluid concept. Designs and styles change, but the core function of living spaces as well as the furniture that is used to outfit them remains unchanged. The dining room is a space for people to spend time together, in comfort and in the midst of inviting surroundings, accentuated with appropriate decor and accessories.

So, what can you do to make your dining room feel like an extraordinary space for both you and your guests? Read on as we share our ideas with you!

  • Create the vibe you want

Your dining room is your space. Moreover, it is the room that may well set the tone for the rest of your home. In view of the fact that the layout and design of any living space is a reflection of the people who inhabit the space, we recommend that you give your dining room the look that you feel you (and your family) associate the most with. The ideal dining room is one that seamlessly integrates practicality and functionality with beauty and aesthetic appeal. Deck up your dining room such that the vibe it creates matches with yours and your family’s personality. 

  • Spark conversation

As you take the time to figure out how to set up and decorate your dining room, we suggest that you keep in mind that your dining room should not be just another room in your home, but one that sparks interest and curiosity among the people who visit. Design your dining room in such a way that it makes your guests feel amazed and awed. This will make your dining room become a topic of conversation in itself. Uniqueness and novelty are key aspects to consider, and the more unique and novel an experience you give your guests, the more they will talk about it!

  • Provide a cosy and intimate setting 

When you have family members, friends, acquaintances or guests over at your home, chances are you will be entertaining them in the dining room, where they will be socialising with you and others. Design your dining room such that it makes people feel cosy and without many distractions. It should encourage people to have a conversation and make them feel at ease. 

  • Impress with lighting 

Often understated, the type of lighting you use can make the difference between an ordinary dining room and an extraordinary one. Take your pick from various lighting options, such as lamp shades, chandeliers, hanging lamps and many others. Select the lighting fixtures that match the decor, colours and textures of your dining room.

  • Decorate with personal touches

Wherever it is possible, enhance your dining room with personal touches, and add design elements that, in your opinion, are the best reflections of who you are. Place pieces that are yours or your family’s favourites, such as statuettes, sculptures, paintings, wall hangings and other decorative items. This will create a feeling of ownership and attachment, which in turn will make you feel comfortable, which in due turn will help you convey that feeling to your guests, making them feel warmly welcomed. 

  • Add accessories and other fixtures

Even though the primary purpose of a dining room is to serve as a space in which meals are consumed together with family, friends and loved ones, by adding additional pieces of furniture or other fixtures, such as a couch, armchair or side table, you can make your dining room into a space that is more functional than merely a dining area. As a result, it will make your guests want to stay longer and spend more time in your dining room too!

These are just some of the practically endless things you can do to liven up your dining room. We encourage you to experiment with various designs, layouts, accessories, colours and textures so that you can discover which style best suits your identity. If you are looking for furniture and wall decor in Kolkata, Artyz is proud to offer you an extensive selection of choices, whatever your requirements may be. 

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