Round Dining Tables – Why Consider Bringing One Home

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Round Dining Tables

Who doesn’t love hosting friends and family? After the global pandemic, people have realized the value of staying home and having a good time with their near and dear ones. Instead of heading out to fancy dinner places, people prefer inviting their friends over for dinner parties and to have a great time. Since most of the group activities occur in the dining room, it is critical to find the right dining table to accommodate everyone.

Choosing the table is of utmost importance because you can plan the seating around the table. Therefore, the dining table design is elementary to hosting guests and ensuring they have a good time.

Although there are several different table designs available like rectangular, oval, square, or circular, the one that stands out is the round dining table. You can get a small round table if you enjoy hosting intimate dinner parties or a larger round table if you have a big family or a large group of friends. If you’re unsure why a round dining table set in Kolkata will be perfect for your dining room, here’s a list of some simple reasons.

Equal Access to Food and Other Items on the Table

food on the table

The round dining table design guarantees equal access to food and beverages on the table. Guests would hate it if there were a fantastic spread right in front of them, but they cannot reach it without asking others to pass the dish or drink they want. It will be too chaotic if someone asks for something passed in the middle of a conversation.

With a round table, guests will not face this problem. Everyone will face each other while seated around the table, and everything kept on the table will be within reach. So, nobody has to disturb or interrupt someone during a deep conversation to ask to pass the ketchup or the mayo.

The round design of the table ensures all the guests are seated equidistant from everything kept on the table. Therefore, they can access the items quickly.

Best Design for Small Dining Rooms

small dining table

You can choose the round table design if you live in a quaint apartment and there’s not enough space for a big dining room. This design is ideal for small dining spaces, and it is available in a range of designs and styles to give your dining room a luxurious look and appeal.

Owing to its lack of corners or edges, this type of table is perfect for dining rooms in small spaces. The round table can be moved around in smaller areas without much hassle, and you can pair it with simple-looking chairs or stools tucked away under the table. You can even jazz it up by pairing the simple table design with modern-looking chairs to enhance the decor and add a bit of luxe to the overall dining room environment. You will easily find chairs that pair well with round dining tables at a high end furniture store in Kolkata. You must be mindful of the materials you are choosing and ensure the style suits the theme of your interior design.

Round Tables Have Soft Edges 

round tables

Round tables do not have corners, but their edges are soft, and this helps in preventing accidental bumps. Most Indian homes are multigenerational, and the chances of your house having both the elderly and children are high.

The elderly and children have one thing in common – they injure themselves easily. Hence, your house must be proofed for their safety. One of the easiest ways to ensure they are safe is by bringing home a round dining table. These tables don’t come with edges and have a smooth circumference. If anyone happens to bump into a round table, they won’t be injured upon impact. Also, the rounded edges prevent clothes from snagging; hence, it is an excellent piece of furniture.

Creates Inclusive Dinner Parties

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Have you ever sat at the end of those sizeable rectangular dinner tables? If you did, you know the struggle of listening to conversations at the other end. When seated around such a large table, it almost feels like everyone at the table is having their little party instead of everyone being involved in the same conversation. A small group might be at the two ends of the table discussing a different matter. The people seated in the middle are having a different conversation. Such parties feel scattered, and the conversation is siloed. If you are the host, it would be more challenging to give attention to everyone seated at the table.

With a round dining table, you can rest easy, knowing every party member is included in the conversation. Thanks to the circular design of the table, all the guests are within earshot of each other, and everyone is in direct line of sight with the people on the other side. Therefore, your guests will not feel isolated, and everyone will feel included in the conversation.

Enhances the Flow of Space

flow of space

The round dining table design makes everything more convenient and accessible. It also makes it easier for the guests to return to their seats. There’s no problem squeezing past corner edges to reach their seats. Also, the round table design will lend a formal look to your overall dining room decor. You can head to a home decor store in Kolkata and match the round table with wall art and accessories to create the right environment. These tables make the best use of compact space, and the problem of bumping or overcrowding can be avoided. However, when placing the chair, you must be mindful of the space in between.

The Bottom Line

A round dining table design is the way to go if you want to create a flowy, comfortable dining space where guests can have a great time. This table design is perfect for hosting large dinner parties and avoiding isolating anyone seated. So, get a round table for your dining room and see the difference.

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