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Premium Furniture Stores in Kolkata

As we are gearing up for the festive season, we can think of improving our homes as that is where we are mostly spending our time these days.

Refurbishing your home, or even a room can be quite a challenging task. It is time-consuming, and you need to be on your toes to ensure that your vision is coming to life. Moreover, if you want to ensure that your investment and time are not wasted, you need to involve the lifestyle experts who can guide you with your decision making and choice of products. Many believe that a person’s personality is reflected by how they decorate their home. It says a lot about someone and their taste. Depending on the current trends, now is the perfect time to invest in your home and glam it up. We have listed some areas you can focus on to give your abode that chic look you’ve always wanted.


Luxury Furniture Showroom

Your furniture is a vital factor that you should consider when thinking of home redecoration. People generally like to hold on to heirloom pieces; however, there is always some furniture which needs to be exchanged or just parted with. An accessory which might have been quite ‘in’ a decade ago may not have the same requirement now.

If you are not too keen on buying furniture online and prefer purchasing after exploring the options physically, you can visit premium furniture showroom in Kolkata, if you are a resident of the city and you can transform your idea to reality.

Wooden Flooring

Wooden Flooring Kolkata

Adding a wooden touch to your room elevates the overall aesthetics. Many opt for marble look but having an authentic wooden flooring in Kolkata not only makes the room more elegant but makes it a rewarding experience too. What was once considered expensive and luxury has now become an overall favorite choice for many homeowners today.

Specific questions need to be answered when you are choosing such flooring options like:

What is popular? Currently, its hardwood which is the most durable, engineered wood which holds better moisture, and laminate wood which is easy to install. Also, laminate floors are a cost-effective and smarter choice.

How much will it cost? Hardwood has long term investment value and tends to be labour-intensive as it involves solid hardwood nailed or stapled down. Engineered wood are for those who are seeking temporary options, and it includes a wider range of installation. Finally, laminate flooring is the choice as it gives an excellent finish at a much lower budget and easy installation.

Which wood is most suitable for your home? While solid hardwoods are ideal for bedrooms, living areas, hallways and dining rooms, teak is the sought-after choice when considering your kitchen area. Laminate or engineered wood, on the other hand, is also a good choice provided the place is not prone to moisture exposure.

Carpets and Rugs

Carpets and Rugs Kolkata

There’s something about carpets and rugs which heightens the sense of style. While it gives a distinct appeal to the overall flooring, depending on the kind you choose, you can also think of it as a long term investment.

If you are looking at carpets which run wall-to-wall, then it’s better that you choose something rather than the materials which have long-term wear and tear considering that it will go on. Also, it is advisable to choose a dark color as anything in the lighter shade will be difficult to clean and maintain. Again, if you are more into rugs, which are generally easier to move, make sure that the material is soft and easy to maintain in the long run.

Wall Décor

mirror wall decor

Walls are an essential aspect of a room, and it needs as much attention as the floors. If it is the entire home you are renovating or just a part of your home, you need to ensure to choose a color palette that is suitable and matches the other aspects of your house. For attaining the desired look on your walls, you can choose from a varied range of accessories for wall decor in Kolkata, which can range from paintings, panel settings or artefacts that match your artistic taste.

And then there are wallpapers. The options are varied, and you will be spoilt for choices for sure. The catalogue serving is impressive and makes shortlisting a rather tricky task. Unless you have a vision, you would be spending a considerable amount of time determining which wallpaper will suit your home interiors.

Home Decor Accessories

home decorative items

Based on how your interior decoration and home improvement takes shape, you need to choose appropriate decorative pieces which will complement the overall look of your home. A lot of thought needs to go into this as this can be ideally the make or break point. There are some excellent home decor accessories showrooms in Kolkata that display a wide range of home decor accessories, perfect to spruce up any mundane corner of your home.

Get that Visual Home Appeal

Since we are aware that the first impression is the last impression, if you are trying to make your home stand out, you need to think of ways of doing it right. Your choice of furniture, wall décor, accessories will determine your taste and that is how you will be perceived. Since we do not want to be left behind, time to spruce up the game and lookup for stores which are all-encompassing and offer variety of options to meet your requirements for home enhancement.

So, you need top-notch furnishing and home decoration trends and products which will not only make your home unique but give you a peace of mind. If you are based in Kolkata, then you need to locate the premium furnishing company among a plethora of companies which cater to finer taste. While there is stiff competition all around and you will be spoilt for choices you should understand the importance of your home and let the pros take over.

Leaving your visitors bedazzled is what you should aim for and in order to achieve that, you need to have the right things and set the right architectural tone so that your home commands the attention and admiration it deserves.

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