Minimalist Interior Design Style – A Comprehensive Guide

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The simple beauty and serenity of a minimalist interior are impossible to deny. While minimalist interior design has primarily been a foreign concept, Indian homes are warming up to the idea and how!

Clean lines, simplicity, uncluttered, reductive, monochromatic, less is more – these are a few concepts and terms that come to mind when thinking about minimalism. But, what is the true meaning of minimalism, and how can you incorporate it into your home décor?

What is a minimalist interior design style?

Minimalism is about keeping a space uncluttered, simple, and accentuating the attractive architectural features of the space. The palette is dominantly monochromatic, and colors are used as an accent. However, minimalist interior design is a lot more than what meets the eye.

Functionality and minimalism go hand-in-hand. A minimalist-design home incorporates an open floor plan, simple line furnishings, and lots of light. The space is aesthetically appealing and comfortable. The clean lines create an inviting and soothing space that has a timeless appeal.

Even though the minimalist style is quieter, it doesn’t lack confidence. It is a self-assured depiction of personal preference, and the essence is about focusing on selected items in a room with deep conviction. You can use luxury furniture in Kolkata to showcase your design understanding and make it impossible for your guests to look away.

Elements of minimalist interior design

  • The use of bare essentials 

A minimalist approach means using only the essential elements – form, light, and stunning materials in an open plan layout. The idea is to create a sense of relaxation and freedom. There’s no excessive decoration or ornamentation. Instead, a few details are used that are uncomplicated and harmoniously blend into the setting. For instance, it might be in the form of a beautiful vase on top of the dining table or a single artwork adorning the living room wall.

  • Clean lines

Practicality and functionality are the focus of minimalist furniture and accessories. Smooth, flat surfaces and clean, strong lines creating bold statements are used. The entire focus is on the simplicity and purity of the form and shape. Clean and clear surfaces and benchtops, minimal artworks on the bare walls, and the elimination of clutter are essential to creating a minimalist space.

  • Monochromatic color palette 

A monochromatic color scheme consists of beiges, whites, and greys. Such colors create airy spaces.

Creating minimalist interiors – room by room

  • Living room

Creating a minimalist living room means using the same furniture foam around the room. For instance, your living room may feature cube armchairs, along with the best sofa sets in Kolkata that share the same low back, arm height, and sharp contours. The squared shape and low ground height should also be mirrored in the coffee table.

  • Bedroom

A low-lying bed frame without a headboard is a must-have feature of a minimalist bedroom. It could be timber or upholstered. But, no conspicuous ornamentation and must showcase clean lines. A display of multi-total wood grain and understated seam detail are examples of restrained decoration. In minimalist bedroom design, the bedside furniture consists of floating shelves or cube cabinets. These must be at the same height as your bed. It would be better that overall, there are few changes in height around your bedroom.

If you include a lamplight, it can be in the form of an integrated wall light or even a single lamp. As for storage, you can use built-in wardrobes or a chest of drawers.

  • Kitchen

The kitchen cannot be overlooked when creating a minimalist house. The kitchen is the heart of any home and serves as the anchor for the entire house. It is the room where you will spend most of your time, and therefore, see a combination of materials and colors. It is due to the melding of flooring, cabinets, appliances, and tiles.

Remember to stick to the two-color rule and not use more than two core materials, such as marble and timber or black-treated metal and polished concrete. Even the appliances on display can be on either of the two shades. Your kitchen must have ample storage so that there’s a little on your shelves and work surfaces as possible.

  • Dining room

Your dining room can have glossy, lacquered furniture with straightforward silhouettes. A simple dining room design doesn’t mean it has to be unadventurous. Contracting types of linear forms can be quite arresting. A minimalist dining room means uniform and clean lines, and this would be viewed as an invitation to include geometric and abstract chair design. You can get a luxury dining table set in Kolkata for your dining room to be placed as the centerpiece. The shape, style, and design can demand all the attention in the room. To further emphasize it, you can place a light fixture directly above it. It might be a hanging ceiling lamp or a modern chandelier. But, ensure to choose a chandelier that showcases simple lines and isn’t too decorative.

  • Bathroom

All kinds of bathrooms are included in a minimalist home design. It could be inspired by the simplicity and showcase open spaces, airy design. There could be only a few colors and materials so that it is easy on the eyes. Make sure to keep the materials and colors of the bathroom most effortless to give a feeling of relaxation.

Large-format tiles are favored by minimalist houses for their bathrooms as there are fewer dividing lines and grouting. This helps to keep the overall look classy and straightforward. When there’s a flow of the same material like concrete gliding from the wall to the floor, it keeps the movement fluid and sweeping. You can also include simple cabinet storage into the bathroom design to keep all the clutter out of sight.

Unsure where to start?

De-cluttering your home is an excellent place to start when you’re considering adopting a minimalist interior design for your home. Keep all the furniture and accessories classy yet straightforward, and only use color as accents.

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