Luxe living room furniture essentials you wish you bought eons ago

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Do you spend most of your waking hours hanging out in the living room like Joey and his friends in the Friends sitcom? Or are you a social butterfly and love hosting lavish house parties? Whatever the case, you need a well-designed living room worth showing off to your esteemed guests, friends and family. 

While every individual possesses a different idea of what a luxe living room may look like, there are a few must-have pieces of furniture without which your living room will appear incomplete. The designs and styles may change from traditional to modern, but the furniture pieces and accessories cannot be done away with. So, let’s take a look at those essentials. 

Sofa or sofa set: the foremost living room essential 

sofa set

It is hard to imagine a living room without a comfortable, plush sofa. You can opt for an individual three or four-seater sofa, or you can get a sofa set complete with one large sofa and several smaller sofas. You can get a luxury sofa in Kolkata made of leather or fabric. It can be upholstered in any design, pattern and color of your choice. 

In most living room designs, the sofa serves as the focal point and sets the room’s tone. It is the anchor piece around which the other furniture pieces are arranged. The sofa selection determines the entire mood of the room, and therefore, it is the most crucial piece of furniture. 

Shelving unit for an organized living room 

Shelving unit

No matter how luxuriously you’ve decorated your living room, it wouldn’t be worth it if there’s clutter everywhere. It is important to remove all the cluttered items out of sight, and hence, installing shelving units in the living room is important. Shelving units come in various styles and designs, such as wall-mounted shelving, tower shelves, bookshelves, etc. The shelves come in handy, from storing books to magazines and decorative chinaware. You can even use them to show off your trophies. 

Swanky coffee table

coffee table

Similar to a sofa, the coffee table is an undeniable part of the living room decor. It holds beverages, food, reading materials, flower vases, TV remote and other personal items. The coffee table splendidly blends with the living room decor and stands out as one of the room’s main features. 

The coffee table must consider two things: functionality and aesthetic appeal. You can consider glass coffee tables in abstract designs for a luxe modern appeal, and wooden coffee tables are ideal if you wish to portray a traditional appeal. 

When purchasing a coffee table for your living room, ensure to head to a furniture showroom in Kolkata and peruse the collection. The choice of the coffee table will make or break the overall feel and look of the living room. 

Chandelier: a touch of grandness 


The decor of any room is incomplete without proper lighting, and the way the lights reflect on each piece of furniture determines their overall aesthetics. You may have spent a fortune on getting the choicest sofa set, coffee table, tufted settees and chaise lounges, but without the right lighting arrangement, it’s all a waste. 

Besides small lighting fixtures like lamps and wall-mounted lights, you can consider lighting up the ceiling of your living room with a chandelier. The design and style of the chandelier can be conventional or modern based on the overall theme of your living room decor. You can even get chandeliers to resemble a firework display, so whenever guests walk into your home, they are left spellbound. 

Dazzling wall art decor 

wall decor

Impress your friends and guests with your fine sense of sophistication by decorating your living room artistically. You can keep one of the four walls of the living room for putting up wall decor in Kolkata

The wall art decor can range from family and travel photos to decorative wall art items. You can even check out decorative mirrors for your wall. If you’re willing to indulge in your artistic pleasures and go all the way, dedicate an entire wall and paint it in a different color. You can get abstract wallpaper for that particular wall or create a metallic accent wall. 

Besides these, you need to accessorize the living room and ensure the accessories match the pieces of furniture you’ve chosen. Some of the common ways to accessorize a living room and enhance its beauty are by using a rug or carpet and covering the floor. Instantly, the room will appear sophisticated and classy. Then, you cannot forget about covering the windows with charismatic drapes. You’ll get curtains of various types, and there are multiple window treatments available. Moreover, you can get cushions and throw pillows for the sofa, chaise lounge and other types of chairs that you’ve included in the living room. The addition of pillows and cushions will make your living room cozier and create an inviting, warm appeal. 

If you plan to have a living room cum dining room, a dining table set in Kolkata must be central to the decor theme. You can use rugs and carpets intelligently to separate the two areas and let your guests know which area is to be used for what purposes. 


The living room is the most crucial element of any home, and there’s no doubt about this fact. When decorating or redecorating your living room, ensure to include the furniture pieces mentioned above. Of course, you can include a few mid-century replica pieces if you have opted for a traditional-looking decor. If the overall theme is modern, the styles of the furniture and accessories must comply. 

There’s no need to waste any more time but get started decorating your living room and creating it to be the best room in your house. That’s the first place your guests will see when they enter your house, so make sure they are thoroughly impressed. Head to a luxury furniture showroom in Kolkata and find what you need. 

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