Dining Room Styles 2021 – Get Ready for a Luxurious At-home Dining Experience

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2021 Dining Room Trends

At-home dining doesn’t have to be boring or aesthetically unappealing. The raging pandemic has surely made you think twice about going out and dining at your favorite restaurant. In fact, the Times of India has predicted that comfort food and home food is going to rise this year. 

Whether the dark cloud of COVID-19 disappears and you can continue with your restaurant-eating habits or not, there’s no harm in sprucing up your dining room. After all, a great-looking dining room is a secret ingredient to an exceptional and magical at-home dining experience. All you have to do is find a style that suits your personality as a host and your overall home décor. 

As the dining room is having a moment right now, take this opportunity to update your dining room style. Some ideas are given below to make you feel inspired. 

Subtle Glamor with an Emphasis on Comfort

Dining Table Design

Do you enjoy hosting dinner parties that turn to after-dinner drinks? If so, this style is perfect for you. You can make your dining space look glamorous by adding a chandelier, a modern dining table, a printed rug, and other accented furniture and accessories. But, keep the glamor to a minimum so that it doesn’t overrule the entire design. Along with glamor, add comfortable chairs featuring upholstered fabrics in smart tones or leather sofas so that your guests feel comfortable to keep chatting throughout the night. You can add a bit of gold, but don’t overdo it, and make sure to combine it with cool silhouettes and clean lines. 

Achieve the Dining Room Style of Classic Sophistication

Dining Table Design Ideas

If formal dinner parties are your cup of tea, you need to have a dining room that exudes sophistication. You need to aim for a crisp look featuring timeless silhouettes. You need to keep your furniture choice elegant and traditional like a round dinner table with chairs upholstered in timeless accents and materials. The color palette can be kept white and grey, or use any other subtle colors that do not overpower. Here too, you can make use of rugs in timeless designs and prints. As for the lighting fixtures, you can go for traditional chandeliers with minimalist lines and keep a conventional-looking vase with fresh flowers. You can also go for a more modern lighting fixture and hang it just above the dining table to draw attention. 

Smart Casual Dining Space

A smart casual dining space is perfect for hosting informal dinner parties with friends and it is also acceptable to host certain formal parties as well. However, as long as you are not planning to have a corporate meeting through the dinner, the space should work wonders to impress your guests. 

The smart casual dining room is going to have a relaxed look, but it can be as luxurious as you want it to be. You can combine the characteristics of inherent informality with refined elements. As for furniture, you can get an elegant dining table in Kolkata made of a material that is easy to maintain and clean. This style of the dining room can be converted into a study or work area during the morning or when guests are not around. The chairs do not have to completely match the style of the dining table but make sure to have some sort of cohesion. Also, this type of dining space can be an extended area of the kitchen and you can separate the cooking area by installing a kitchen island table. The lighting fixtures need to be modern featuring elegant lines and designs. 

Fancy Some Country Charm?

If you are missing your weekend getaways to the outskirts, you can transform your dining room to represent that charm. Country style dining room means that you need to think of nature-inspired colors, linen upholstery, and furniture made of natural materials like wood or bamboo. Also, you need to plan to have an open and airy dining room where people can enjoy long conversations comfortably by stretching their legs. 

To further add the country charm, you can include a swing inside your dining room and also a few green plants so that nature doesn’t feel far away. 

Create a Modern Dining Room Reflecting your Eclectic Personality

Modern Dining Table Design

The pandemic and the pandemic-induced lockdowns have probably made you take a closer look at your living quarters. Has it made you think that it lacks personality? If so, this is the apt time to change that. Start from your dining room because this is where you enjoy meals as a family. Forget about what an ideal dining room is and think about what makes you feel comfortable. Instead of the usual round, rectangular, or square dining tables, you can opt for unusual shapes and designs. You can also get modern dining chairs in quirky colors and styles. In addition to chairs, you can get benches, swing chairs, and other furniture and accessories that you enjoy. 

Furthermore, you can also include unique artwork and objects in your dining room, such as modern chandeliers, wallpaper, mirrors, and other eye-catching elements. If you are good at painting, you can dedicate one wall of your dining room to paint something close to your heart. When your friends or family enter this dining room, they are surely going to have fuzzy, warm feelings flowing through their bodies. 

So, what is more your style? Country, classic sophistication, modern, casual or quirky? You can visit furniture dealers in Kolkata to check out your furniture options so that you have a clear idea in your head. 

The perfect dining room is one where you’ll feel comfortable eating and sharing your food, along with lots of laughter and memorable conversations. Get started!

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