A Closer Look at the Beautiful World of Furniture Design Styles

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Luxury interior design styles

To say that furniture is the backbone of any living space would be stating the obvious. Furniture is, after all, what gives a living space not just functionality but also aesthetic appeal. People utilise furniture pieces for a variety of purposes and it is this furniture that also provides character to a room or a living space. In other words, they are as much a utility as they are pieces of art as well as status symbols for some. Needless to say, furniture is without a doubt the most crucial component of any living space, so much so that it is the most important consideration to be made in the course of designing an interior space.

In a modern context, no two homes are the same. Each and every home is unique in the way it is designed and in the way that furniture is arranged to fit in with the background and decor. Furniture is what makes a living space feel complete and wholesome. Furniture has, over the ages, evolved from being a basic utility to the epitome of comfort to even as works of art that people consider worthy of showing off!

That being said, in today’s world there is as diverse a range of furniture as there are unique requirements and preferences for the same. People today want to outfit their homes with furniture that not just serves their basic purpose, but which also provides beauty and charm making the entire home environment feel welcoming and sophisticated.

It must also be said that the right choice of furniture enhances the living space, gives meaning to the interior environment and decor and also sufficiently and appropriately fills up empty spaces. It is for this reason that people also decorate their homes with decorative pieces, carpet and rugs, wall hangings, paintings and other items that augment the overall appearance of a room.

However, as a consumer, it may well get overwhelming, not to mention highly confusing, when having to decide which style of furniture to go with. In this blog, it is our endeavor to help you get familiar with some of the various furniture styles one can choose from.



Modern Furniture Kolkata

As its name goes to say, the philosophy of contemporary furniture revolves around existing in the present moment. There are hardly any design rules when it comes to contemporary furniture because this is a design style that is continuously changing and evolving. Its fluid and flexible nature makes it immensely popular in today’s world. Everyday items and random objects can easily be repurposed to create this design, and elements such as glass and chrome are mixed. Contemporary design is focused on geometric form and open space.


Rustic Farmhouse

Modern rustic furniture

When one thinks of a rustic style farmhouse look, the first thing that comes to mind is the image of a cosy cabin in the middle of the woods or surrounded by lush green fields. What stands out in this type of interior design is the warm decor. Rustic furniture is a seamless blend of casual comfort and organic appeal. In the modern context, this kind of furniture is said to evoke an atmosphere of a laid back, traditional lifestyle. It is easy to identify farmhouse furniture by its distressed wood and upholstered linens.



Vintage refers to anything that is more than 20 years old. Likewise in the case of furniture, pieces that are older than 20 years are referred to as vintage furniture. Within this category, furniture pieces that date from the 1950s to the 1980s are referred to as retro furniture, although broadly speaking, vintage furniture refers to those pieces that are between 20 and 100 years old. These pieces are brilliant design ideas as they bring in a certain old world charm to a room.


Mid-century Modern

Mid Century modern furniture India

True to its name, the Mid-century modern furniture design traces its origins back to the mid-1900s. It was during this time that some of the world’s most iconic furniture pieces were produced. These pieces became synonymous with the design aesthetic of the time. The key characteristics of Mid-century modern furniture design are refined lines, minimalist silhouettes as well as natural shapes. Designers of that era made creative use of materials such as moulded plastic, plywood and aluminium, making the furniture pieces versatile and applicable to various design styles.



Nautical interior design Ideas

Nautical furniture design is also referred to as coastal or cottage design. This type of furniture design reflects a sea-oriented aesthetic. Nautical design is known to be warm, relaxing, positive and reminiscent of a New England beach house. This type of furniture design includes unfinished wood for the tables and chairs, in combination with chic linen upholstery for lounge chairs as well as couches and sofas.



Scandinavian interior design


Scandinavian furniture design is an offshoot of the Mid-century Modern design movement, and it is known to focus on minimalism. The Scandinavian design introduced this type of minimalist aesthetic to furniture, and this may well be associated with IKEA’s brand, but Scandinavian furniture design is more than just that. Furniture of this style features gentle contours, a variety of colours and a combination of organic as well as engineered materials. Scandinavian furniture design is intended to be simple, practical and in keeping with the times.



Bohemian style living room

The very idea of Bohemian style design is that it represents the carefree and adventurous spirit of the avant-garde lifestyle. Bohemian style furniture has ethnic, tribal and/or nomadic vibes, featuring vibrancy of colours and designs and a creative approach. Combining eclectic colours, patterns, textures and a freestyle design aesthetic, Bohemian style furniture gives your room a laid back and warm ambience.

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