10 Mistakes to Avoid When Decorating Your Living Room

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Living Room

A living room is a room for socializing and relaxing. Such a room is usually near the main entrance, and therefore, this is where first impressions are made. Guests get an idea of the design of the home by looking at the living room. This room sets the stage. And, that’s why you have to be careful to create a comfortable, welcoming, and stylish space.

You may already feel that decorating your living room is a daunting task and expensive. You don’t need to make styling mistakes to make things worse. So, take a look below at the top living room styling mistakes that you should avoid.

  1. Placing Furniture Against the Walls

Moving Furniture Away from the Wall

You’ve got the furniture that you wanted. They’re plush, extravagant, and look straight out of a magazine. Great!

But, where do you place the furniture? Do you just push them all against the walls of the room? No! That’s one of the biggest mistakes that you can do.

It may seem like you’re utilizing space, but you’re not. By pushing furniture against the walls, you’ll end up making your living room seem smaller. The room will have zero breathing space.

Instead, you need to place furniture away from the walls. Let your room breathe a little.

  1. Wrong Size or Absence of a Carpet/Rug


Using a modern carpet in a living room can make the room appear complete. The carpet can add the needed color, pattern, and warmth to the room. However, it is crucial to select the right size of the carpet or rug.

Small carpets/rugs bring imbalance. Make sure to match the style and size of the place when purchasing a carpet or rug.

With a large carpet, you can visually extend the space and give the interior a finished look.

  1. Wrong TV Placement

TV Position in Living Room

The perfect place for a TV is a blank wall. Do not install the TV close to or in front of a window. This can prove to be harmful to your eyesight. Also, you won’t be able to see anything clearly.

The distance between the sofa and the TV should be taken into account and it depends on the screen size. The recommended distance is equal to 3 to 5 diagonals.

  1. Don’t Underestimate the Power of Cushions

Cushions for Sofa

Sofa cushions help to create a relaxed, cozy, and comfortable environment. But, you cannot just choose any cushion and throw it on your sofa. Just how they enhance the overall look of the living room, they can also ruin the appearance.

When selecting cushions, consider whether the texture and material will suit the fabric of your sofa or armchairs. In case the furniture in your living room is made of velour or velvet, linen textiles or cotton should be out of the question for cushions.

Also, if you have a small sofa, choose small cushions. Several voluminous cushions only look good if you have a massive sofa.

  1. Choosing the Wrong Sofa

How to Choose a Sofa

A great-looking living room starts with selecting the right sofa. Without the perfect sofa, you’ll never have the living room of your dreams.

When buying a premium sofa in Kolkata, pay attention to the height of the sofa. Match the sofa size with the size of the room. Don’t get a huge sofa for a small room or a small sofa for a large room.

Buying side tables and accessories on an impulse is acceptable, but never a sofa. A sofa is a lot more than just being the key to comfort. It is central to the way a living room feels and looks. So, always remember to purchase a sofa after proper research.

  1. Using Extremely Heavy Curtains

Window Curtains

You don’t want the curtains to be the star of your living room décor. You can use curtains in a beautiful pattern and fabric, but don’t make them the centerpiece. More than that, you don’t want to use heavy curtains and hang them incorrectly because that can make your living room appear smaller.

Instead of heavy, big drapes, consider roller blinds. This will make sure that your windows are covered and not drawing too much unnecessary attention.

  1. Filling the Room with Very Large Furniture

A lot of homeowners think that filling the room with oversized furniture is going to help guests feel comfortable. Also, they can entertain more guests. But, furniture that is too chunky or large for the space makes the room appear visually smaller.

Moreover, the room can appear to be choking with no breathing space. You may fit a lot of guests, but they won’t feel comfortable sitting in a claustrophobic living room where the walls seem to be closing in.

Select chairs, sofas, and armchairs with slimline arms and minimal design so that the space appears visually larger. For more guests, you can keep spare chairs or cushions.

  1. Placing Plants in Small Pots all over the Living Room

Plant Decoration in Living Room

To you, it may seem like embracing the trend of bringing more greens into the room. But, placing small pots of plants everywhere in the living room will create visual clutter. It will also make the space appear smaller. There will simply be too much happening at the same time.

Instead, you can place a large plant in a pot in one corner of the room. Get rid of the small pots. You can also get creative by having hanging greens in your window or placing fresh flowers in a vase on a center table for living room.

  1. Only Using Upper Lighting

Types of Lights for Home

Lighting is key when it comes to creating a relaxing atmosphere and setting the right mood. So, if you think that you’ll just place one chandelier and your work is over, you’re gravely mistaken.

You need to create a cohesive lighting system including floor lamps, reading and wall lights, ceiling lights, and so on.

  1. Matching Everything in the Living Room


Matching décor elements is good, but only when done in moderation. If you match every piece of furnishing in the living room, you’ll end up creating a monotonous and visually unappealing space. When you’re getting matching furniture, make sure to get a few items that add a dash of color to break the monotony.

Living room styling mistakes can cost you dearly. So, take note and don’t go down that path. When in need of inspiration or guidance, you can visit one of the best luxury furniture stores in Kolkata. The staff of the store and displayed furniture and accessories will get your creative juices flowing.

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