Why Buying Furniture Is Always a Tricky Affair

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There is no denying the role of furniture to help elevate the look of your living space. No matter how much you crave luxury, the essence and charm are lost if the furniture doesn’t stand out. As such, while buying furniture for your house, there are quite a few things that one needs to keep in mind. Starting with a budget, compatibility looks and longevity-These are the essential elements to check out before you zero on your purchase. Today, one has a different type of furniture to choose from and across a wide variety of materials that range from cane, veneer, timber as well as multi wood. While one chalks out a budget for a new apartment, the rule of the thumb says that one should keep ten percent of the total budget to invest in other furniture pieces like chairs, cots, couches and dining tables. Furniture is seemingly that one thing which should never be purchased with a casual approach. Of course, the factors like budget which is always a primary constraint playing the first saddle; the material, the colour and the overall look should also be taken into account before you buy a furniture piece for your house. While a majority of furniture shops offer EMI schemes on select models of furniture, it is up to the customer to avail such facilities. A wilful lot give utmost importance to design and look of furniture over utility which in the long run leads to perpetual complaints. Remember, that a certain piece of furniture itself might not be pleasant or may be less attractive. However, it is the coming together of several elements that contribute towards imparting a sense of fulfilment in decking up your living space. Here’s what all you need to know before you decide to buy a new set of furniture. 


It’s Always More Than the Look


Any furniture that doesn’t match the theme or structure of a living space falls flat and looks way out of the place. An ideal piece of furniture should work towards complementing a place while also serving to be functional all the time. However, chances are such “ideal” pieces aren’t available just about in any furniture store. Hence, customization is the only option. One can choose such a piece from modern furniture stores in Kolkata that stores a wide range of options to take home. A majority of reputed brands follow the process of sending staff over to client’s places to measure the size of the area where the proposed furniture is to be tucked in. Accordingly, they inform the customer as to what are the available options in terms of colour, shape, and size.

If you intend to order customized furniture for your personal need, it is pertinent to take immediate needs into account. Any furniture piece that is proportionate to the size of a particular living space should also match to stand with the height of the ceiling as well. While one can always try to live up to the ongoing trend, it is to be remembered that decor items and furniture go hand in hand and are usually considered to be an investment of a lifetime. Hence, one should be blindly following the trends alone, but put stress on quality and functionality as well.

Purchasing Furniture Online


What once was the standard picture of buying furniture with the whole family participating to go to a furniture store, the advent of online shopping has certainly made a difference. While brick and mortar structures of customized furniture stores continue to exist, online furniture shopping has become quite a trend and convenient for people to compare options, models and pricing as well. These days, one can also sell their old furniture for new pieces at discounted rates, like never before. However, online furniture shopping has its own set of cons owing to the quality delivered and the time taken for transportation. A lot of times, the quality as seen online differs greatly from the product that gets delivered to the door. Also, one needs to get the measurements of the place chosen for the new piece right. Some online retailers do not give the option for cash on delivery or product return and it would lead to a difficult scenario if the furniture doesn’t fit the place right. The delivery charges are another point of consideration and should check whether it’s profitable for one to place the order. Also, one should take to read through the conditions and clauses before making a payment. This is where conventional furniture stores will always have an upper hand where people can drop by to experience, touch and feel the furniture before they can buy.

Farewell Timber


Bygone are the times when timber and elegance stood synonymous. While the vitality of teak or oak can’t summarily be rejected, options like non-natural woods as well as MDF and laminated wood also seems to bring ain afresh lease of life in terms of design and various shapes. Also, materials like veneer and marine play are being used extensively to make designer chairs, wardrobes, kitchen cabinets, wall shelves, and other commonly used furniture. With daily care and proper maintenance, such materials can also last longer. When looking to buy or place an order for home furniture, choose your budget according to the sturdiness and durability of the make material-Hard wood, softwood, tropical, decorative and marine are usually the most popular choice of wood for making decorative furniture.

The Emergence of Mighty Plywood


Plywood has never been this popular. However, in a changed scenario, the particular type of wood has only managed to grow popular owing to its durability and look. While soft plywood is generally derived from fir and pine, decorative ply looks towards trees like mahogany, rose, teak and maple for extraction. They have been extremely beneficial for designing furniture for bathrooms and kitchens, which helps to resist moisture as well.

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