What makes Interior Designing Different than Interior Decoration?

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Different Between Interior Designing and Interior Decoration


Both Interior Designing and Interior Decoration is very crucial in styling your house. But the question arises whether the two are same or not. The answer is no. People often confuse with the two terms while beautifying their abodes as there are plenty of similarities between the two terms. Such similarities keep you guessing on where should you draw a line among them. It’s a tough task.


Apart from the multiple resemblances, there are also quite a few vital and delicate variances between the designing and decoration of your residence. It all depends on the type of modification you need for your home. Once you are aware of the changes, you can easily gauge the dissimilarities between Interior Designing and Interior Decoration.

The process of internal drawing requires an understanding of people’s likes and dislikes of building functional areas within a residence. Decoration means dressing a place with lucrative objects. Briefly, the interior designers can do the works of the decorators, but the latter one can’t perform the task of the former. Utilizing innovative methods combining technical solutions, the designers can make an infrastructure look elegant, functional, and useful to an habitant’s lifestyle.

Here we would have a discussion about the role of designers and decorators along with their education, who they work with, services provided, and qualification. They would help you to know what keeps them apart.

Requirements for Interior Design:


Interior Designing Ideas



  • Education: It is one of the crucial factors for such a creative profession. Proper guidance with quality training makes a good designer. Study of colours, fabrics, Computer-aided Design or CAD, drawing, space planning, and others are needed here.

After completion of graduation, the pass outs work as trainees with the experts for some time and move on to establish their own concern.

  • Qualification: It depends on the states what the designers need to become a professional one. In some states, you need to clear an exam and get enrolled with a council or an association. There are also some provinces where you don’t need to qualify for the trade.

So, it’s quite important for you to know the rules and regulations applicable to become an interior designer.

  • Role: Professionals related to Interior Designing need to be well versed with spatial planning. They also work in renovating and keeping the interiors stylish. In short, they do the ABC of crafting a room.

Apart from keeping the appearance of a house well, they also intensify the purpose of it.

  • Who they work with: Architects and contractors are the ones who are closely connected with this trade. The designers join hands with them to create the client’s want. It may be an apartment, hotel, workspace or any other kind of place.

There remains a bond between these people in keeping these pieces of land appear mind-blowing.

Requirements for Interior Decorating:


Interior Decoration Ideas



  • Education: The basic difference between a designer and a decorator is education. To become a professional in this sector, you don’t need formal guidance because the dressing is not about modification and planning, it is only about beautification. A decorator enters into the scene only after a designer has concluded it’s build planning as well as implementation so that the concentration is on the surface appearance of the room. Though some professional interior decorators have a collegiate degree, yet it is not mandatory for them.


  • Qualifications: As I have mentioned above that no conventional training is needed to become an interior decorator, there are various types of courses that insist on hues, fabrics, space organization and others. There are many institutes that provide assignments and certify them to mark their abilities.


  • Role: The function of a master decorator is to visit space, get an insight of it. In the case of new areas, they support their clients to choose colours, buy movables and glorify. They are also needed to make an existing room looks alluring with required renovations.


  • Who they work with: Unlike the professionals in Interior Designing, the Interior Decoration practitioners don’t have to work with architects and contractors. It is because of their work starts after planning and designing. Since they only do the part of beautification, so they work with the woodworkers and other tradesmen in the market. It is seen generally that they deal directly with the house proprietor or manager of a firm.

These are the differences between Interior Designing and Interior Decoration. Now, I would help in deciding whom to choose between a designer and a decorator.

Whom should you choose? A Decorator or a Designer?

It solely depends on the requirements of you. If renovation works are needed, like demolishing of a wall or the addition of new windows and doors, then it’s better to opt for an interior designer. They can assist you with a plan that is important for structural modification of your building. They make it possible by collaborating with the constructors. The interior decorators are needed when your house needs a stylish makeover. They will guide you about the appropriate colours, wallpapers, furniture items. He will also help you in matters of choosing window care, lighting as well as other beautifying elements that will keep your space mind-blowing.

Experts in the field of Interior Decoration knows what things are needed to make a room suitable according to the lifestyle of a client. They are always there to cater to the requirements of the owners.

I think it’s now clear to you the difference between interior decoration and interior designing. I have also discussed whom to choose and when. In conclusion, I would say that selecting the apt person depends upon his or her abilities on that particular trade and not on the designation. There are plenty of cases where you can find that the designers with proper qualification do the works of decoration as it does not require any modification. On the other side, you can also find numerous decorators working jointly with contractors and architects due to their experience in the trade.

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