Take a Trip Down Memory Lane with these Home Decor Trends

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Glass-fronted cabinets, a sewing machine, and other things are quintessential of grandmother’s house. In the hubbub of life, you may have left behind your ancestral home in search of a better standard of living. But don’t you still miss the warmth and likeness? Wouldn’t you give anything to go back to those carefree days? 

Unfortunately, there’s still time for a working time machine. Maybe sometime in the future, you can go back and forth in time, just like in The Adam Project or Back to the Future. But, for now, take solace in that home decor styles can trigger a memory, and you can decorate your home inspired by nostalgic old trends. 

What’s more, these styles haven’t vanished from the face of the earth, but some of them are making a comeback, and how!

Let’s not waste another minute and dive into the nostalgic home decor styles taking the present-day interior decorating industry by storm. 

Old-school, Retro Wallpaper

Wallpaper Stores in Kolkata

The retro night isn’t limited to parties and lounges. Instead, transform your home to resemble the 90s by using beautiful vintage wallpaper. After all, wallpapers haven’t gone out of trend yet, and you can use them in quirky ways. 

If you are thinking of changing up the walls in your home, head to a wallpaper shop in Kolkata and peruse retro designs and vintage patterns. These are trendy yet old-school and give your home a nostalgic makeover. 

Don’t want to turn your entire home to look like a scene out of a 90s sitcom? Dedicate a particular wall in the living room and transform it. Whenever someone looks at that wall, they immediately take a trip down memory lane. 

Big, Elaborate Chandeliers

Chandeliers for Living Room

You can never go wrong with chandeliers! There was never a time when they were out of fashion. They kept coming back in new avatars, such as simplistic, minimal chandeliers perfect for modern homes

But if you want to evoke childhood memories, going big or going home is the mantra. So replace the lighting with retro-looking fixtures, and don’t forget to fit your living room or dining room with a grand-looking chandelier. 

Imagine the fun you’ll have sitting under the bright light of the chandelier, exchanging stories of the past! 

Wooden Furniture

Wooden Furniture in Kolkata

Glass, metal, and other materials used today are too modern and more about functionality and style. In the good old days, furniture was made using wood, and the material continues to dominate the furniture industry. 

Wooden furniture is extraordinarily stylish and timeless. Also, it offers excellent value for money. Moreover, wooden furniture is low on maintenance because it doesn’t rust or corrode. Ensure a fixed maintenance routine, and your furniture should last for years. 

There’s no dearth of wooden furniture styles. So go to any of the premium furniture stores in Kolkata to find wooden coffee tables, bookshelves, couches, rocking chairs, etc.

Slip a rug under the furniture, and your home is set to recreate the retro era you miss so much. 

Add a Tinge of Pop Art Colors

Home Decor

The 80s and 90s were about going big or going home. In the olden days, people loved popping colors, and their colorful personality extended to how they decorated their homes. Also, art deco-style home decoration was at the peak of its popularity during the 80s. 

So, the easiest way to infuse some 80s and 90s vibe into your home are to introduce pop art colors. From furnishings and cushion covers to fabric for hanging, opt for colors that scream out and create a space for themselves. 

However, stop yourself from going overboard. Too much pop art color might not be ideal and could have a jarring effect on the eyes. Instead, balance it using neutral colors and let neon or bright colors pop out, as they should. 

Tufted Sofas

Tufted Sofas

Tufted sofas redefine glamor, and they spell out the charm. They used to embrace almost every second living room of the olden days. Available in pop colors, they add the right amount of spunk and charisma needed in any residential or commercial space. 

If you need to swap your sofa for a new one, consider jumping on the tufted sofa bandwagon. You can get a tufted sofa set in various colors and designs to suit your home decor. There’s no shortage of designs and styles with these sofas, from square to diamond. Also, they’re available in leather and other upholstery materials. 

You can seek tufted sofas with a wooden base for something durable and sturdy. Then, enhance the luxuriousness by throwing some cushions in velvet or silk. 

Hanging Mirrors

Hanging Mirrors Décor

Mirrors on the wall look great, and they can make your rooms appear bigger than they are. But when considering giving your home a classic makeover, you cannot forget hanging mirrors. They were used extensively in homes during the 90s. The style was a classic back then, making a huge comeback. 

You can choose hanging mirrors as your choice of wall decor in Kolkata and decorate your washroom, living room, or bedroom. Hanging mirrors can be used anywhere in your home, and they will immediately create a retro vibe. 

Final Thoughts

There’s a reason why old styles keep coming back, whether in the clothing fashion industry or the interior decorating industry. If you use this trend correctly, you cannot go wrong with it, and your home will have a timeless, elegant makeover. 

So, note down these retro styles making a comeback, and use them on your next home renovation or makeover project. You’ll make heads turn!

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