Stylize Your Home with a Coffee Table – Here are a Few Tips to Get Started

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The coffee table is one of the most ignored and overlooked pieces of furniture. If you were to furnish your home today, the coffee table will probably find itself at the end of your list or may not make it to the list at all. Everyone is so focused on finding the right dining table, the comfortable couch, the perfectly cozy sofa. But, Kita Williams, CEO of KMW Interiors and a Los Angeles-based interior designer, says that the coffee table is the anchor in the room, especially in spacious living spaces. According to her, some of the best styles to consider include coffee tables with storage, coffee tables with lift tops for extra utility, and round coffee tables for smaller living spaces. 

Are you still not convinced that you should get a coffee table? Imagine your living room. It is a space where you invite your friends and family. Chill with your family and relax while watching television or playing games. Now, enter the coffee table. After everything is seated, this is the most important piece of furniture. Why? Because it holds your remote, your drinks, reading material and you can even put your feet to relax. 

Every living room needs one coffee table. And here are some of the latest coffee table trends of the season that you can check out for your home. 

  • Eccentric, Unconventional Shapes 

Designer Coffee Table Kolkata

2021 is big on abstract coffee table designs like pentagonal, hexagonal, trapezoidal, and other unusual shapes. Geometric décor is a trend that has been picking up momentum since last year and designers believe that the trend will last beyond 2022. Fashion-forward homeowners are swapping their traditional rectangular or square coffee tables for more unique designs and models. You can also check such designs out for your home as such unique styles can instantly enhance the overall dynamics of your interiors. 

You are unsure whether an eccentric coffee table will fit in your home? If your living room décor doesn’t have any bright accents and it is mostly composed of simple and straight lines, the answer is YES! Eccentric coffee tables will fit right in and even lift the décor. It can even act as the centerpiece and instantly draw the attention of your guests as they walk through the door. 

  • Lift-top Coffee Tables

Modern Coffee Tables

Lift-top coffee tables are great for homes of any size. If your living room isn’t very spacious, you can even convert the coffee table into a dining table. It is very easy to make the switch and takes only a few seconds. Otherwise, you can use it to hold more drinks or even use it to store magazines, books, and whatnot. A multifunctional coffee table is going to transform your living room and you will get the most out of the table. 

  • Popular Materials 

You already know that a wood or steel coffee table set will never go out of style. But, if you are in the mood to experiment, you can check out coffee tables made of glass, acrylic, marble, and even brass. Brass looks amazing if you’re trying to achieve a vintage look for your living room and have an idea about appropriate pairing. If you have a modern décor, don’t go for brass though. Then the best option would be to get a glass coffee table set. To make a statement, you cannot go wrong with a marble coffee table. 

Things to remember when choosing a coffee table 

  • Consider the Height

There is nothing more awkward than a coffee table that is either too low or too high. You can opt for a table that is of the safe height as your sofa cushion. This will make your room appear balanced and the items kept on the table will be easily within your reach when you are seated. 

  • Remember about Proportions 

Not just height, proportions matter equally. If you have a sofa set, you need to get a coffee table that is of the right length and matches the sofa. A tiny coffee table will just look out of place when kept in front of a large sectional. So, think about that. 

  • Think about the Other furniture Present in the Room 

Coffee Tables for Living Room

As already mentioned, coffee tables are available in myriad materials and you can also find them in varied shapes, designs, and colors. But, the style and design that you choose must match with the rest of the living room décor. For instance, a brass coffee table will seem out of place when placed in a living room dominated by modern furniture showcasing fine lines and minimalism. Brass coffee tables look best in spaces that exude a vintage, royal feel. Glass, however, is flexible and can fit right in with both traditional and modern décor. But, you have to careful when it comes to selecting the design. If the room has simple furniture showcasing fine lines, you can be a bit bold and opt for a glass coffee table in eccentric shape. It will stand out and act as a statement piece. 

  • Consider your Lifestyle 

Lifestyle Furniture

More than a fashion statement, a coffee table is a functional piece of furniture. So, when you are on the hunt for a coffee table, keep utility first and try to blend fashion so that you get a piece matching your personality and catering to your functional needs. You can check out the multifunctional coffee tables that have become hugely popular these days as they can also be used as storage. 

Hopefully, you’re all set when it comes to buying a coffee table. Visit a furniture showroom in Kolkata to get more ideas so that you can get the right piece for your home.

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