Sofa Trends 2021: Stylish Lounging Ideas for Your Modern Living Room

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Sofa Trends 2021

Designs keep changing, but a classic sofa (or couch) can revamp the looks of your living room instantly. To make your space look charming and more inviting, you need to choose a sofa with the right color, fabric, and furnishings that blend with the interiors of the living room. With aesthetic décor ideas trending up to reflect the modernity curve can be a difficult task to cope up with. However, buying a sofa set that looks chic, and yet comfortable can be the central idea of modern times.

According to interior experts, a fashionable couch can work wonders if you want to modify your living space, and not go about with radical innovation and turn everything upside down. This would be a great way to catch up on the latest trends and keep the vibrancy of your space intact.

In recent times, people are more drawn towards earthy tones, indigo hues and organic aesthetics which are close to nature. Color palettes ranging from beige to moss green invoking a subtleness with a pop of warmth can be a good combination for people who love to go bold. There are plenty of manufacturers and modern furniture showrooms in Kolkata that can provide a diverse kaleidoscope of ongoing sofa trends that will ooze a feeling of luxury in your living room.

Five latest sofa designs for 2021

Turn your living space into a splendid amalgamation of relaxation, tranquility and in vogue to maintain absolute harmony with yourself and create an environment of homely ambiance. Here’s a list of the ongoing sofa trends for 2021 brought to you by a premium sofa shop in Kolkata to revamp your living style.

A Smooth Curve

There has been a significant shift from the predominantly formal angular models, which have adorned living spaces with their laconic backs and rectangular armrests, to a more rounded and comfortable seating arrangement. Curved sofas which are less impetuous and are capable of creating a cozy corner look have precisely gained much popularity in 2021 amidst interior designers. These rounded, deep-seated models are perfect for gatherings with family and friends that allow enough room for stretching and relaxing.

Also, curvaceous sofas work well with small living spaces and are more aesthetically pleasing to the eyes. They can also go well with sharp-edged designs creating a perfect mix of geometric forms of upholstered furniture items and cozy interior designs.

Pop of Color

Sofa Colour Combination

A dash of radiant color is never a bad idea. Interior designers love setting up spaces with colors that are warm and inviting such as sunset oranges or golden yellows. Even indigos and deep hues of blues teamed against white or soft-grey backgrounds can make your living room calming. To make your space closer to nature you can use rich shades of dark-greens or moss-greens with velvet textured fabrics that lead to a contemporary look as well. Adding a pop of your favorite color can be inspiring, giving a sense of dimension to your space which otherwise would look extremely dull if surrounded by too many neutrals or greys. Homeowners have become more adventurous in 2021 and are finding ways to add vibrancy into their homes.

Fabulous Fabrics and Fluting

Sofa Fabric Design

From rich, plush velvets to sophisticated leather sofas, the right fabric can redefine the opulence of your space. Matte velvet fabrics have become a popular choice among homeowners due to their exquisite plethora of solid colors like deep reds, teal greens, ink blue, and pastel pinks. The luxe velvet furnishing for your sofa is seeing a strong demand not only because of its color versatility, but also easy cleaning procedure and low-budget maintenance scheme. On the other hand, the classic leather sofa is an elegant style statement that evokes sophistication and is quite durable. It offers a rustic look to your home and the muted shades can easily add warmth to your living room.

We are also seeing boucle textured sofas making a strong comeback in 2021. These are heavy fabrics containing looped yarn and are woven in two different shades. They provide an unrefined organic and natural raw finish with beige as a popular shade.

Delicate pleating and fluting designs on sofas have emerged as a big trend this year and are going to last for the next few years. This technique of quilting particularly looks good on rich velvet sofas, making it a spectacular choice for your living area. It magnifies the elegance of the furniture largely due to the tailored piping on the backrest and curves of the armrests creating a combination of a contemporary and classic timeless feel.

Opulence Vintage with Luxe Interiors

Modern Luxe Interior Design

Increased interest of homeowners towards vintage furniture and décor has marked the beginning of a new trend in 2021 quite unexpectedly. The influence of the classic retro interior designs with solid furniture has become an excellent way of self-manifestation and expression.

The elegantly curved sofa design adds an inspiration from the past with camelback styled rounded backrest and small armrests furnished in rich tones of deep burgundy, emerald green or royal blue that makes it a striking piece in the living room. These bold retro styles echo the magnificent culture of the late twentieth centuries bringing back the essence of the Victorian era.

Tech-Savvy Contemporary Comfort

Young homeowners who enjoy the boons of technology are infusing it in their day-to-day lives to make living more comfortable and functional. The incredible designs of double-seated recliners and other modular sofas provide multi-faceted benefits like the electrically adjustable armrest, push-back system, backrest and footrests, USB charging capabilities, swivel mechanism and folding options to suit your needs. Modern engineering has brought these highly tech-friendly sofas that are an absolute favorite among homeowners who want to keep their homes stylish yet comfortable.


Whether you are a connoisseur of home warmth or like to keep it as minimalistic as possible, there is always a sofa of your choice that blends with your style and taste. Maximize the harmony of your space by choosing a couch that suits your life priorities and provides the level of comfort that you seek. This is the only thumb-rule that you should keep in mind while selecting a sofa for your living room and that will lend glorification to the interiors of your home.

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