Sofa Colour Trends in 2020

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Sofa Colour Combination

There is no denying the fact that sofas are the centrepiece of attraction for any living space. This year, like every other furniture piece, sofas are also bent on witnessing a plethora of changes in style and picking up on the new trends. This year the focus is on comfort and appearance, and unusual colour choice. Here’s a look at what’s trending in 2020 for sofas.

Interior decor trends are changing fast. However, that doesn’t mean that one should replace furniture every season, but there’s no harm in living up to the trend. You see sofas were built for one sole purpose-Comfort, comfort and comfort– One single word that dominates the entire build-up of every model of sofas that you have seen in your lifetime. After all, sofas are the very first place where you host and greet your guests. Lie down. Relax. Read a book, watch TV and just about everything else. In all probability, 2020 might just go down in the history of furniture design, when the beginning of a new decade witness the comeback of simple and minimalist designs drawing inspiration from mid-century styles and upholstery. Major interior decor fairs and modern furniture stores in Kolkata witnessed the unveiling of unusual and amazing shape for sofas in a wide range of never seen before colours from some of the big names in the business. While upholstery in furniture is back in full swing, manufacturers are showing increased interest by focussing on natural shades of various colours. The following colours have been ruling the roost of fabric colour choices, liked and appreciated by one and all:

  • Gray
  • Powdery Pink
  • Sage
  • Pastel blue


For any interiors that boast character, one can also choose from softer shades of colours that include the following:

  • Purple
  • Mustard Yellow
  • Dark Blue
  • Emerald Green
  • Burgundy

The hottest shade for sofas this year is undoubtedly Coral Pink, which was named the Pantone Institute’s colour of the year.

The Return of Velvet

Beige Velvet Sofa

Velvet as a fabric choice has a proud history of dominating the world of fashion. In 2020, the fabric back with a bang and is being increasingly prevalent in terms of interior decor adding to elegance, style and sophistication. As such velvet sofas readily impart its characteristic feel of being soft and ultra-comfortable. As a choice of material, velvet happens to durable and with traditional weaving, it can be held intact for years. Also, the sofas are easy to clean and all you need is velour cleaner coupled with a soft-bristled brush. If you have bright interiors going at your place, one can opt for velvet sofas in shades like beige, pink or grey. Prefer brighter accents? Choose from colours like bottle green, brown or red.

The Mustard Colour

Mustard Color sofa

Mustard colour has certainly emerged victorious as a new trending colour in the world of interior design. It’s bright, it’s vibrant and all the fashionable whatever may be the season. As a colour for sofas, the upholstery seeks to illuminate and give a nice warm vibe. However, before you purchase a mustard coloured sofa, you should be able to convince yourself of a rather avant-garde colour. Such a colour, when pitted against a combination of accessories in, grey will deliver the finest and amazing layout for a living space. As such, any mustard coloured sofa or armchair will seamlessly blend with a piece of furniture that is of the vintage era.

The “Extravagant” Seashell sofa

Seashell sofa

Bygone are the times when the sofa represented the singular backdrop for other furniture in a room. Mostly it was restricted to neutral colours and unobtrusive shapes. However, for the past few seasons, the new trend witnesses how it’s worthy of making a sofa appear interesting to serve as a potent guide for designing the rest of your interior. The last few years have shown increased dominance of furniture mimicking the style of Chesterfield and Art Nouveau dating back to the middle century. Come 2020, and they continue to be fashionable and also there exists a strong competition coming from other forms like sofas sinks which are laced with velour. Lovers of good designs around the globe will be pleased with such two and three-seater arrangements. The biggest advantage, however, remains the upholstery which ends in a semi-circle pattern. Such furniture is so characteristic that people who don’t like to revamp their furniture will go for it.

Are you looking to revamp or replace your sofas in your living space? What are your favourite designs and colours? Drop us a line below and let us know your thoughts.

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