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types of living room furniture

Whether you’ve just bought a new luxury apartment or are simply planning on renovating the interiors of your house, chances are that you’ve already spent long hours scrolling through Pinterest and/or flipping pages of home decor magazines for ideas and inspiration. Having said that, it’s pretty difficult to stumble upon a design you actually love in functionality as well as style and also fits your budget. These are the three most common issues that bum people out.

But luckily, to save your wallets from burning a hole, we have accumulated a list of the important furniture that is required to amp up the look of your home!

Also to make the planning process easier, we’ve categories the items of furniture according to the section of home they belong to.

To know what they are, continue reading!

Types of Furniture

Every room has its own essence and therefore requires the right kind of home decor that matches its vibe. Imagine having a bed in the living room or a sofa set in the kitchen. Inappropriate, right? Exactly! When choosing the perfect kind of furniture for your home decor, it is better to categorize the item of furniture based on the part of the house they will be placed. Not only does this help you get an idea of what the finishing result will look like, but also choose the furniture that will fit your budget and answer one most important question- ‘What furniture do I need?’.

In this blog, we’ve listed the furniture under three sections namely, – Living room, bedroom, and dining.

Living Room Furniture

  • Sofa Set

sofa set design

If you have a lavish apartment then a fancy sofa set is a must! Not only does it have a high seating capacity but also looks great. A well-crafted sofa bought from a Luxury sofa store in Kolkata might seem a bit expensive at first but think of it more like an investment. Once you get a good quality sofa, you won’t have to get a new one for the longest that you can think of.

  • Center Table

center table for living room

Well, your sofa needs a companion, and what’s better than an attractive center table for this? They bind the room together and are also super useful to keep books, remote control, snacks or any light item you wish to bring to your living room.

  • Coffee Table

designer coffee tables

A coffee table is a great option if you’re looking for something to fill up boring empty corners of the living room. It is ideal for coffee lovers who love cuddling in the corner with a book on the weekends. You can choose an attractive coffee table or a conventional one depending on where you want it to be placed in the room. Usually, coffee tables come in popular materials like wood, marble, and metal. You can choose whichever complements the other items of furniture present in the room.

  • Lounge Chair

lounge chairs for living room

Lounge chairs are a relatively new addition to the list of modern home decor accessories and they have already become favorites of many. People with flavor usually add lounge chairs in their living room as they are extremely trendy. The market today is full of numerous options to choose from and honestly, it’s really difficult to pick just one.

  • Ottoman

ottoman chair

This is a rather fancy piece of furnishing. It adds the perfect dash of elegance to the room. Not only is it great to rest your feet on, but also acts as a storage facility.

  • Console Table

console table designs

A console table is one of those items of furniture that blends in with the rest of the furniture and is usually placed by the wall. Some people also like keeping it below their television. These tables are usually of waist height and mostly made of wood.

Bedroom Furniture

  • King or Queen Size Bed

King or Queen Size Bed kolkata

You can’t have a bedroom with no bed in it. When purchasing a bed, make sure you choose one with a good framework. These days, a lot of people prefer buying beds from furniture stores than getting them custom made, mostly because leading furniture stores already offer a wide variety of designs. Choosing the right bed is important because not only does it determine the appeal of your bedroom but is also extremely crucial for your back and good sleep.

  • Nightstand

Modern Nightstand

Many at times, we don’t realize the importance of a nightstand until we have to get up from our bed to keep the book back on the desk or have slept with our glasses on. Nightstands usually come with a chest of drawers that are great for storing essential things you need just before bedtime.

  • Storage Unit

storage units for home

Storage units include armoire which is also known as wardrobes. This piece of furniture is used for storing our clothes and other things to make sure they don’t get ruined or lost. Usually, these storage facilities have drawers that are bigger than usual. Some of them even have drawers for shoes and cabinets for bags.

Also, while we’re on the topic of bedroom decor, modern bedroom wallpaper has been trending for a while now. We think it’s time to say goodbye to boring plain walls!

Dining Room Furniture

  • Dining Table

Dining Table Kolkata

A good dining table is the focal point of any dining room. The size of the dining room usually depends on the number of people who shall be eating regularly. When choosing a dining table, remember to keep the surrounding of your dining room in mind. A dining table should enhance the appeal of the room, not distort it. So make sure you get the one that matches the ambiance.

  • Dining Chairs

Dining Chairs Kolkata

While a lot of people prefer purchasing dining table sets, there are some who like buying dining chairs separately. This is usually done by the ones who like mixing and matching materials or when they like only one aspect of the set.

  • Counter Chairs

kitchen counter chairs

For anyone with an open counter in the kitchen, counter chairs are a must. They are also needed if you fancy an open bar at your place. Counter chairs are not only comfortable but also add a dash of sophistication to the dining room. If you are looking for a sturdier option, go for the ones with a metal structure.

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