How to Renovate Your House from Scratch

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Renovating your house is a pretty big task. You can do it because you feel like the house lacks certain things or simply because you’re tired of the way it looks now. As time passes by, we want our homes to look different because the people living in them are changing too. The requirements increase and your preferences change too. The easiest way to redecorate your home is by hiring a professional interior designer who will take the charge in his hands but that might cost you heavily. Instead, you can follow some guidelines and decorate your valued abode by yourself. After all, it is you who has to live in it and who can understand you and your family better than yourself. To help you do so, we have accumulated a list of points you need to keep in mind when you decide on renovating your house from scratch.

Ways to renovate your house from scratch:

  • Divide and Plan

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The first step of renovating your residence is to divide the house into sections according to their function. This will not only help you get a better understanding of the requirement of each room but also reduce the work by half. Redecorating your home is a fun but extensive task and sometimes the process might take months. So, to get a clear picture of what you want your new theme and aesthetics of your house to be, it is important to plan. Effective planning is the key to error-free renovation. Even professional interior designers who have been decorating homes for years believe in first planning things out and then jumping on to the actual work.

  • Set a Budget

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Redecorating your house can be an overwhelming task and sometimes gets too expensive. We often forget our limits when we go furniture shopping. The best thing to do is to set a budget in the initial stage of renovation. Dedicate a fixed amount for the decoration of each part of the house and stick to it. So yes, if that lounge chair is way over your designated budget then let it go. Also, remember to set the budget efficiently by considering the market price of things you’re willing to buy. Some things demand more budget than the other, for example, a bed deserves more money than a rug. So think thoroughly before you start redecorating.

  • Get Inspired

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When we finally decide to redecorate our houses, we are often so hyped about it that we don’t do our research and directly start moving and buying things. Instead, the wise thing to do is to take a couple of days on hand and glance through websites like Pinterest to get valuable inspirations and ideas. Remember, you don’t have to exactly replicate what you see online but use it as references. This will help you be more creative and make your home look different from others.

  • Focus on Doors

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When someone pays a visit to you, the first thing they see is your door. Not the room, not the furniture but the door. So spend some time finding the perfect door that suits the vibe your house wants to give off. For example, if the decorations of your home are more on the vintage side, then pick a wooden door with rustic patterns.

  • Fresh Paint

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Fresh paint is a must if you are trying to revamp the look of your house. They can instantly change the aesthetics of your home. Not only that, but colours also can make a room look small or spacious. If a room is small in size, try choosing light pastel shades for it as it can make the room appear more spacious and big. Whereas, if the room is too big and you cannot afford too many fancy items of furniture to fill it up then choose darker colours such as navy blue or maroon. These colours give off a voluminous effect and make the room look cosy and compact. If you are an artistic person who likes keeping things interesting then you can also add a pop of bright colour like yellow or turquoise to make it the center of attraction.

  • Storage

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Storage facilities are extremely crucial when redecorating your home. Use the corners, walls and the space under your stairs and install storage units in them. With an increase in family members or kids growing up, you are likely to have more things at home. Storage spaces are also important to save your prized possessions, memories and hand me downs. We also require them to save festive decorations, bulky blankets and big coats that we use in winters. Making storage units is also a great way to fill up spaces.

  • Lightings

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Lightings can make or break the game of your house. While too much lighting can make your home look like a surgery ward or hotel lobby, poorly lit rooms can feel dull and weary. Poor lighting can also make your eyes weak and harm them severely if you read too much or spend a lot of time in front of the laptop. Focus especially on lighting up the rooms that have no or small course of natural lighting.

  • Appropriate Furniture

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Furniture usually takes up most of our budget when renovating our house. They can also single-handedly change the appearance of your home. Sofas are a must for living rooms and you can get some great options at Luxury furniture stores in Kolkata that also has a great range of chairs and coffee tables that blend with it.

  • Window Decoration

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Windows are important for every room. They are the only source of fresh air and natural lighting. An efficient way to save money on sky-high electricity bills is by making use of these windows. Pep in up a bit with the latest collection of curtains from Artyz, a curtain store in Kolkata.

  • Dining Room Set Up

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Dining room decoration might seem easy but they aren’t. Before buying a Modern dining set, make sure you properly measure the dining room and take into consideration the number of people who shall dine in it. A big dining room will fill up the entire dining space if the room is small and restrict movements, and a very small dining table in a big room can make it look empty. So yes, measure!

  • Decorate the walls

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As mentioned earlier, paint is a great way to change the appearance of your house when redecorating it but lately, people have also been using wallpapers. Modern wallpaper for walls can help you add textures and patterns to the wall and the best part is you can always change them when you get bored.

  • Don’t Over Accessorize


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Renovating your house and adding decorations to your house is great but make sure you know where to draw a line. Most people go too far with the flow and stuff their rooms with too many home decor items. Living room accessory is a must when decorating your house but pick limited ones only. This will make sure that the room does not look clustered and that also means you’ll have fewer things to maintain later.

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