Home Makeover Ideas For 2021 – It’s Time to Enliven Your Living Space!

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Home Design Trends 2021

The pandemic-induced lockdown in 2020 has dramatically changed the relationship that people share with their homes. After you’ve been compelled to stay home for months, isn’t it only logical to want to spruce it up? 

As 2021 rolled in, it calls for home renovation. It is about being out with the old and in with the new. Also, staying indoors might just become the new normal and you would want to be prepared for it. 

However, home remodeling is easier said than done. If you are unsure where to begin, you can explore the following home makeover ideas and get started right away. 

Create a Functional and Comfortable Home Office


Home Office Ideas

According to Jungalow’s founder, Justina Blakeney, home offices are important. She has shared her views on Forbes saying that many companies have consciously shifted to the work-from-home hybrid model due to the pandemic, and therefore, employees only need to visit the office a few days per week. The rest of the work is being done from home and this might continue for a long time. This means that a designated place to work at home is more important than ever. She further adds that even if houses don’t have enough square footage to build a home office, homeowners can get creative. For instance, people can take off the sliding doors and turn a guest bedroom close into a cozy home office. 

If you do have the required square footage or even a corner that is unused, you can visit a home furniture store in Kolkata and bring home a functional study table that can equip your laptop or desktop. Also, you need to get an ergonomic chair that will motivate you to keep working and meeting deadlines. To decorate your home office, you can place some plants and decorate the wall with motivating quotes. 

Upgrade and Modernize your Kitchen

Upgraded Kitchen Ideas

2020 has surely proven that the kitchen is the most important part of a home. The lockdown has probably made you spend hours in the kitchen that you’ve not spent before. If you were not a cook before, you are probably on your way to becoming a master cook. However, what this means is that your kitchen needs an upgrade. You can start by upgrading your appliances and getting rid of the clutter. You can install more cabinets and storage compartments to give your kitchen a tidy and clean look. 

Other modern kitchen solutions that you can consider include adding a marble island so that your kitchen appears classy and sophisticated. You can put a few chairs around the island so that it can be a place where your family enjoys having breakfast or light meals. Also, you can install splashbacks so that your kitchen walls are protected from oil, water, and so on. 

Up the Comfort Quotient of your Living Room

Living Room Design

Have you spent hours binge-watching Netflix or Prime shows in your living room? If so, you know that your living room needs an upgrade. You can get the best sofa sets in Kolkata and make your living room the most comfortable and cozy room in your home where you can stay for hours. The sofa set can also instantly make the décor appealing and classy. You can get leather sofa sets or upholstered sofa sets and throw in a few plush cushions to make sure that your movie nights and binge-watching sessions are going to be super comfy. The sofa set can even act as a centerpiece and wow everyone who visits your home. 

Find a Purpose for Unused Spaces in your Home

Modern living room

Do you have a spot in your house that rarely gets used? If so, it is time to find a new purpose for such spots. If there is any abandoned space in your home, you can turn it into something valuable. For instance, if there are unused corners, you can place a plush chair and an ottoman, a side table with a reading lamp, and it can be turned into a cozy reading corner. You can even get plants to spruce up the space. 

If you are a fitness freak and last year has been difficult since the gyms were closed, you can create a fitness corner in your home by giving purpose to an unused space. You can place a yoga mat or your fitness equipment and take care of your daily fitness routine. Let your imagination run wild and you can get great ideas by visiting home décor stores in Kolkata.

Add life to the Bare Walls in your House

Wall Decors

When it comes to home makeovers, people often ignore the walls. But, they’re also part of your home and play an integral part in making your overall home makeover a success. You cannot ignore them and so, this year, you can perk them up by getting quirky and fun wall décor in Kolkata. You can place artistic mirrors on the wall, paintings, photo frames consisting of pictures of your travel, family, or children, and you can even get printed wallpapers and cover one wall entirely. This will help to draw attention toward the walls and make them stand out. 

Let your Home have the Right Amount of Lighting 

This is another aspect that people overlook when remodeling their homes. People think of getting new furniture, painting the walls and getting modern accessories. But, lighting is usually not on top of the list. However, without proper lighting, your home is going to appear dull and lifeless. You need lighting fixtures to tie together the overall décor of your home. So, it is time to upgrade your lighting fixtures. You can have LED lights, modern chandeliersand mood lighting. All of this will instantly change the way your home looks. You can hang chandeliers in your living room or dining area that will help to create a stunning impression on your guests. 

So, these are only a few makeover ideas for you to consider. You must remember that no idea is a bad one. Get started on giving your home the facelift that it deserves!

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