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Home Decor Ideas

Are you looking for a home makeover this year? If yes, then you need to be well-versed with new trends circulating in the market. Upgrading the look of your home interiors is indeed a cumbersome task which encompasses a lot of assistance. To make things easier for you, here comes the list of hot home decor trends which have captured the market in 2018.

Statement Sofas

Italian Sofa


Sofa being the most significant feature of your room, they certainly deserve a better presence. Statement sofas have emerged as the new thing due to their visual appeal. One can choose the pattern or color as per their choice and highlight these cozy sofas by keeping the remaining decor items in the room as understated as they can. If your living room is spacious, you can go with the large sofas to make their presence count.


From bold colored statement sofas to Italian leather sofas, there are a wealth of options you can choose from. There are bountiful of sofa designs available online too. All you need to do is searching for an excellent sofa set showroom in Kolkata and selecting the pattern, and colors of sofa set which suits your rooms. Most of these showrooms also customize sofas as per your desire too.

Dining Tables

Designer Dining Table Ideas


If creating a cozy dining hall is all you want, you need to gather some of the ideas of modern dining tables and furniture. Most of the dining table set designs these days seem to be focused on comfort.  Some people also prefer to create a sophisticated look for their dining spaces. If you are one among them, roundtables might be the perfect pick for you.


Pairing it with cushion chairs will further serve the purpose. One can also add a hint of naturalness to the dining space by choosing flowers pots as their centerpiece. Whether you prefer to get a 6 seater dining table or a 4 seater dining table set, you can enhance the space of your dining room by using the light colors such as beige, sand, and taupe.

Wall Decor

Wall Decorative Ideas


From photo frames to modern bedroom wall decoratives and wall clocks, there is a potpourri of options when it comes to wall decor. The monotonous wall might fade away the look of the entire room, and hence, you can’t put the wall decor second to anything. You can decorate your walls with some unique and modern wall hangings or keep it simple by placing wall arts and murals. With the wealth of such creative options, you can give a personalized touch to your room.


Modern Chandeliers Design


Who doesn’t adore the feel and look of comfort in their rooms? If you are among the people who love to keep their living rooms basic yet elegant, you can’t miss out on these fixtures which are known for their aesthetic appeal. Whether you are choosing modern chandeliers, warm metal pops or Lagom Chandeliers, each of them has something to offer.


You might also like French country chandeliers which bring the elegance of French indoors along with Parisian overhead lighting. Hence, for complimenting the cozy furniture and wall paintings of your living room, buy chandeliers and make your abode stand out from the others.


Wallpaper for Living Room


Dynamic prints, chinoiserie, and feature walls-there are umpteen choices for the wallpapers that can transform your dull space into a great environment. If you want to add some statement to the rooms, try to explore more of patterned papers. While for creating a cozy effect, textured papers remain the best choice.


Wallpapers are the most sought-after method to beautify your interiors cost-effectively. The market is flooded with a vast variety of colors, styles, and patterns to serve different tastes. From pastel shades and geometric patterns to the vintage designs, the designer wallpaper shops offer everything that will enhance the beauty of your rooms.

Wooden Flooring

Wooden Laminate Flooring


Remodeling of your home will be incomplete without enhancing the look of your floors. The most classic form of flooring is hardwood flooring which seems to be a timeless beauty that has continued to rule the market for ages. It not only adds character to your room but also blends well with any home decor.


Some of the other suitable floorings include grey wood flooring, parquet block flooring, engineered flooring, and laminate flooring.  If your prime focus is on durability and strength, you might also choose bamboo flooring which has gained extensive popularity with its unique appearance and high-quality.

Carpets and Rugs

Carpets for Living Room


The carpets in your rooms can make as much statement as any other furniture decor item. From animal print carpets to vibrant colored rugs, there are plentiful designs that can transform your space completely. You might also add some creativity to the room by preferring dynamic carpet tiles. Since carpet flooring is an ideal option for sound absorbance, you can use them in your bedrooms or nurseries. Some of the modern carpet designs that are trending in 2018 cover floral patterns, neutral-colored carpets, and antelope prints.

Center Table

Designer Center Tables


Your living room forms the center of all of your social interactions. It is a place which hosts endless conversations, entertainment and quality time. Hence, choosing the right kind of furniture becomes crucial as it defines the style statement of your entire house. If you want to create an impression of the cosmopolitan environment, classy center tables might do the trick for you.


For smaller rooms, it is advisable to use mirror center tables which makes space appear larger. Apart from this, one might also use modern center tables for the drawing room which comes in contemporary shapes. There are many stores which also serve their customers with attractive coffee tables with unique shapes, style, colors, and sizes. From storage coffee tables to center table designs with glass tops, you can select the one which fits the best in your space.

Curtains and Upholstery

Premium Curtains and Upholstery


The pattern and colors of curtains in the year 2018 are dark stoney and bold florals. Another new trend which is captivating the designers is geometrically patterned curtains. Thus, it is high time that you throw away your old curtains and replace them with some decorative fabric. Most of the interior decorators favor colors like warm red, soft green, and caramel brown for the curtains as they are eye-catchy and can easily hide the stains while changing the look and feel of any room.


The upholstery trend has also shown a significant transformation with bringing up more dark colors such as navy blue, teal, and kale. However, if you wish to keep things simple, you might also try the black and white patterns for your bedroom and living room.


Designer Chairs


Whether you are looking for a dining chair that enhances the space or a living room chair, these small piece of furniture are an inseparable part of your home decor. With the straight back chair, upholstered dining chairs, queens chair, and velvet chairs, one can explore the bountiful of choices to beautify their home interiors.


To give a contemporary style to your dining space, you might also go for dining side chair set which possesses a sleek base of aluminum. Numerous chair manufacturers in Kolkata can provide you with the right kind of chair designs according to your room structure and furniture.

Home Decor Accessories and Showpieces

Home Decor Accessories


And showpieces form the lifeline of the home decor accessories. You need to come up with something creative and artistic to fill up the empty spaces in your rooms. For creating a relaxed atmosphere in your room,  try to choose a self-care design. It could be a blend of meditative colors, natural fibers, and warm materials.


Some nature-lovers prefer to decorate their spaces with artistic vessels holding the green plants. This not only serves as a visual treat but also ensures a healthy environment for you. If you have undertaken the mission to remodel your home this weekend, visit some of home decor stores in Kolkata and choose a showpiece that will complement the look of your rooms.


There is nothing like a perfect home. You always have a scope to bring something new into your space which adds a pinch of creativity and comfort. The home decor ideas mentioned above are some of the best picks from the latest trends of 2018. Take note of the latest trends and bid goodbye to the outdated decor of your home.

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