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Home Decoration with Regal Touch

Giving your beloved abode a regal touch is not easy but can be carried out with finesse. This is because the royal look has to be well proportioned and should blend with your overall ambiance. Otherwise, you will not be able to carry the majestic aura to its intended heights.


There are many ways in which you can add a regal touch to your home. The subtle and captivating can be blended together for giving you the right splendor and pizzazz that will leave your guests spellbound. This will help their visit to your beloved abode very fruitful and memorable.


This article provides you with certain tips and guidelines that can help you get a touch of regal élan to your cherished residence. Here we discuss certain tips and guidelines that can elevate your home to an entirely new level. After reading this article, you will certainly be in a much better position to get a feel of the royal charm and elegance. It will also help you incorporate these elements into your home decor to leave your guests mesmerized with its panache.


Read on to find out which home decor you should use in order to add a regal touch to your beloved abode. You can easily get them in modern furniture stores in Kolkata.


1.     Italian Creme De La Creme

Nothing beats Italian Creme De La Creme when it comes to style. You can create this look by using cream textile upholstery. This should be paired with painted golden fittings. Vittoria Orlandi is a famous Italian bedroom manufacturer who has given birth to this classic set. The best part about this is that every piece of home decor is crafted painstakingly by hand. The entire set comes with a double bed, a bedside table and a pouf. You can even select your choice of finishes to the different components of this home decor set. The main colors used in a room with a royal touch are purple, gold and cream. This is the best color palette for a room to make it look and feel majestic.

2.     The Glitter Of Gold

Adding a dash of gold is definitely going to make your beloved residence stand out from the others. It is not for nothing that gold is considered to be the color of kings and queens. So it really makes sense to include the glitter of gold into your rooms. Vittoria Orlandi certainly does this in style with the help of an elegantly crafted gold bed, replete with luxe period lampstands. The intricate designs of the bed are coupled with its aesthetic look and refined tapestry that makes it the ultimate benchmark of sophistication. This makes it truly come alive in its splendor and definitely makes it the perfect fit for the master bedroom of a renowned Lord or Lady.

3.     Magnetic ‘Je Ne Sais Quoi’

Je ne sais quoi is a French phrase that literally translates as ‘I don’t know what.’ However, here we need to take the figurative meaning that point to converting an absolutely ordinary room into an elegant and classy one. This look can easily be achieved by famous interior designer Charles Jouffre’s style that epitomizes the best in refinement and sophistication. This is definitely something that needs to be seen to be experienced!

4.     Enchanting Cream Curtains

Cream curtains set off against a mauve background can definitely help give your rooms the look of a palace. While this is a classic combination, you can definitely experiment with something that can accentuate the look of your beloved abode to heightened levels. The soft colors of these curtains will definitely make heads turn and will look very attractive.

5.     A Touch Of Sparta

You can even add a touch of Sparta to your bed and can make it look as if it has come from a Greek castle. The only thing is that you need to have the perfect blending of elegance and a military style that sets you apart from the rest. This style goes best with attractive and charming personalities who can leave their visitors awestruck and asking for more.

6.     Regal Yellow

Add a dash of regal yellow to your rooms for getting the majestic look and feel. This color is best complemented with a dazzling chandelier that replicates the ambiance of a resplendent palace. You can get this in a chandelier shop in Kolkata. Team it up with lilac and cream to give an amazing look to a royal room.

7.     The Chateau Look

Chateau is the French word for castle. It is epitomized by Celine Dion’s Chateau inspired residence. This has been designed keeping in mind the singer’s childhood dreams of having an opulent abode. You too can recreate this look with the help of home decor that can truly jazz up the space.

8.     Essence Of Opulence

The essence of opulence is best captured by Uglyanitsa Alexander. She uses striking gold colors and exquisitely crafted patterns and textures that add a luxe feel to your room. The excellent trims present around each room bring a high level of continuity to them and give you a feeling of being on cloud nine.

9.     The Beauty Of Darkness

Black can add a touch of regality to your rooms. This dark color can add a touch of beauty to your room by making it come alive. You can even make an illusion of an extended hallway for making your room larger than it really is.

10.    Soft And Cozy

Softness is always appreciated in all its forms. This becomes especially important in home decor where you need to look inviting and welcoming to all those coming to your house. Hence, having an earthy look for your rooms will give it the necessary softness that it needs. A home should always feel comfortable and give you the place for instant rest and relaxation. This can only be achieved by having a soft and cozy look. It also adds a touch of class to your rooms and makes it fit for a king and queen. This makes it perfect for enjoying royal splendor.


From the above, it is clear that you can make the best use of modern home decor to add a regal touch to your rooms. Just follow the above-mentioned tips and guidelines that can help you carry out this task smoothly and effectively.

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