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High Quality Wooden Flooring

Hardwood flooring has extensively become famous amidst the mass who are now increasingly getting conscious of the interior of their homes. The wooden flooring can also set the correct mood of a place, be it the kitchen or the living room. One can easily look for the best of options available in the hardwood flooring from the furniture shop in Kolkata. But before you go for selecting the type of wooden flooring of your home, you must understand certain very important things about hardwood flooring.

  1. What is the leading market choice in hardwood?

Wooden Flooring Designs


Majority of the real estate builders are furnishing lavish homes with walnut flooring because it brings out a character of its own. It has light to medium shades and can be chosen appropriately. They also have a slight granular vibe which kills the monotony of the interior design and constant match of colors. It has a textured finish which is very smooth and so, it also easy to maintain and clean. It is also good for small kids and pets as they do not have any risk of hurting themselves against any rugged surface. There are various tones and finishes available in the catalogs of furniture dealers in Kolkata and can be selected appropriately. For flooring, it is always suggested that you choose a lighter tone if your interiors are dark and vice versa so that there is a theme maintained in the house. After all, a house must be presentable and comfortable and the hardwood flooring ensures that you get all the benefits out of it.

  1. What are the advantages of using wooden flooring in a small area?

Wooden Flooring Ideas


As the houses are growing more and more compact these days, the aim of the consumer is to adjust as much as they can in little space. The home furniture stores in Kolkata also have furniture which matches this demand of the consumers and wooden flooring facilitates it further. For small surfaces, there are lighter shades of hardwood which does not make the place look very stuffy. Also, you can get the cupboards made out of the same material so that there is a convenience of space. The light-colored wooden flooring does not hit hard on the eye and will definitely add a very soothing feel to your house. If you have larger areas, dark-colored flooring is mostly suggested because it can help in killing a sense of void in the room and bringing all the objects together.

  1. What are the pros and cons of getting wooden flooring in the house?

High-end Wooden Flooring


Talking of the pros and cons, here is a brief summary of what you can expect from wooden flooring:

– The hardwood is extremely durable and has great longevity. It can withstand the test of time with proper maintenance. Regular cleaning can help in keeping the shine of the floor intact. However, it must not be overexposed to liquid and water because that may cause decay in the wood.

– It is an expensive installation because the whole procedure, from material purchase to the fixation can be a really tricky one. It is therefore recommended to visit a professional store where you get all your queries resolved. The wooden flooring is considered to be a wise investment in the long run, as it is durable and also classy.

– Hardwood flooring came into fashion in the early 1600s and is still continuing to hold the position of topmost interior choice. It is important to understand that the shades of all your marble and tiles fitting may go out of trend, but wooden flooring is here to stay.

– It is completely eco-friendly and allergy-friendly. If you have any allergies from pets or pollens, you will see a significant decrease in the frequency of attacks when you move into a place with wooden flooring. It is also very easy to maintain and vacuum.

– Apart from the cost and the tendency to be damaged by water, there is hardly any con that you might find out in hardwood flooring. It is, however, cold and hard to touch and you might have to be careful with dropping certain things on the floor.

  1. What other factors should we remember before going for wooden flooring?

Wooden Flooring Kolkata


Once you are clear about the pros and cons, see if your lifestyle is suited with the interior that you are deciding upon. You can get similar furniture to add to the lavishness of your place. A budget must also be clearly defined so that you can choose your design, color, and texture of flooring, liberally. Consult with the experts at the furniture showrooms in Kolkata and they will guide you the best through all the types of flooring available and which one will suit the best for your house.

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