Embracing the Boho Style to Create an Extraordinary Living Room

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Style to Create an Extraordinary Living Room

The word ‘boho’ is short for ‘Bohemian’. A concept which is widely practised today, the boho culture has found its way into all aspects of modern life. Broadly speaking, Bohemianism refers to the practice of following an unconventional lifestyle, promoting a casual, carefree and eclectic approach to life in general. 

In the context of home decor, the boho style refers to a laid-back and casual style, drawing inspiration from a variety of sources to create a unique and quirky vibe. 

People who are looking for a premium sofa store in Kolkata will be spoiled for choice when selecting furniture for a boho living room. There is no singular prescribed boho code, and therein lies the appeal and charm of this style. With no hard and fast rules or a prescribed style manifesto, the boho style encourages combining a variety of elements, colors, patterns and textures to create a welcoming and relaxed ambience. This style can effortlessly blend both modern and classic designs, with a variety of influences and accessories, resulting in a look that is truly inimitable.

Numerous high end furniture stores in Kolkata offer selections that cater to customers seeking to do up their living spaces with a boho look. This blog takes a look at some unconventional decor ideas that can make any living room distinctive and eye-catching. 

  • Displaying personal items

Displaying personal items

The boho style is all about individualism, expression and free-spiritedness. By placing personal items around the space, it will help to tell a story of the person (or people) who live there. There is no restriction on the type of personal items one can display around the living room, as it is all about expressing oneself and one’s identity. Items such as works of art, photo frames, statues and other decorative pieces perfectly capture the boho look. Even positioning musical instruments, such as a guitar or an accordion, in corners can help to create a calm and cosy vibe.

  • Mixing and matching different colors and textures

Mixing and matching different colors and textures

When it comes to the boho style, mix and match is the name of the game. This style is particularly appealing to those who are often unable to decide what kind of colors, textures and patterns they want for their living room. Generally, warm and earthy colors are taken as the default ‘base colors’, such as browns, greys and greens, and it is possible to mix them with brighter, bolder shades, which helps to truly liven up any living space. Combining colors and patterns that typically are not seen together is all part of the boho charm, and this is what makes the style one of a kind. 

  • Diverse influences

Diverse influences

The boho esthetic derives its influences from numerous sources. This style can often be inspired by a person’s travels and cultural experiences, and is not limited to one country or region. Rather, the boho style embraces a look that blends design elements from various parts of the world to give a living room a truly global touch. There is no general template to follow, and the ‘everything goes’ approach that the boho style is synonymous with is what has earned it immense popularity around the world. 

  • Including greenery

Including greenery

Keeping plants in and around the house is one of the easiest and most pocket friendly ways to add a generous dose of greenery to a living space. Not only do they add color to the living room, but they also help to bring about an improvement in air quality. Plants help to create the feeling that one is connected with nature, and they are a great way to fill up any gaping empty spaces. By incorporating plants in a living room, one can truly provide a touch of completeness to the overall boho look. 

  • Eclectic lighting

Eclectic lighting

There are limitless possibilities when it comes to the kinds of lights one can install around a living room. Traditional chandeliers, beaded lights and lamp shades are general considerations when choosing lights for a boho living room, as these are the lighting fixtures that give the kind of soft, warm ambient light that the boho style is known for. Bolder, flashier lights too can pair well with living room decor that is warm and natural. For those preferring a more eclectic look, pendant lights and sconces are perfect for the job.

  • Placing antique pieces around 

Placing antique pieces around 

The boho style is premised on the concept of individual expression and personalized storytelling through decor. That being said, the concept encourages people to decorate their living spaces with what they love, rather than what is in fashion. Second-hand stalls, antique shops and fairs are a treasure trove of rare and unique items that one can use to decorate one’s living room with. Vintage furniture pieces such as tables and cabinets, as well as fixtures like vases will go a long way in enhancing the overall look. 

There is no limit to what one can do to transform an ordinary living room into a boho style space that is as one of a kind as its residents. Purchasing premium furniture in Kolkata is a fitting way to add a generous splash of character to a living room, while wall hangings, paintings, rugs and mismatched chairs with a sofa set will surely make the space look uniquely eclectic. Vintage decor and handmade accessories are like the icing on the cake. As mentioned earlier, mixing and matching a variety of designs and textures is the way!

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