Don’t Lose Sleep Over Designing A Luxurious Living Room. Follow These Tips

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What is a luxury living room design? The idea of an opulent living room might differ from individual to individual. For some, it might be a traditional living space decorated with heavy swag curtains, gorgeous chandeliers, and tufted settees. Others might find luxury in modern living spaces defined by linear sofas and huge expanses of glass. Regardless of your idea of luxury, here are a few tips that you can consider when in the mood to give your living room a facelift. 

A Luxury Feature Wall Can Set The Design Apart And Add Flair

Combine your penchant for luxuriousness with your quirky personality and include a feature wall into the overall living room decor. Most people forget about the walls when they get busy adding furniture and accessories. But you cannot have a luxurious-looking room if the walls are bare and boring. 

So, choose one wall in the living room and turn it into a focus area. It can be a feature wall where you can paint murals, color it differently than the other three walls, create an art gallery, etc. You can head to home decor stores in Kolkata to check out all the different wall art options you can use. Get some inspiration for your home. 

Some popular wall art items would be mirrors, photo frames, or abstract art items. You can even install shelves on that wall to display your vacation photos or achievements. If you have any trophies or mementos, you would like to display, place them on the shelves and let them become a part of your living room decor. 

Light Up The Ceiling With Charismatic Fixtures

The correct lighting arrangement can make a huge difference to the overall decor of your living room. It can instantly make your space appear opulent and cozy. You can light up the ceiling of your living room with a modern chandelier, and you can even use lights in various shapes and forms around the room to create a dreamy atmosphere where guests can relax. You can create mood lighting, so your party guests always feel welcome. 

If you wish, you can place lighting fixtures on specific room areas to focus on accent pieces or the feature wall. You can create lighting to bring the attention of your guests to specific items in the room, while the chandelier offers minimum lighting to the entire room. Your living space will appear extravagant without much effort. 

The Use Of Metallics Is A Good Idea

When you want to add a regal flair to your living room, you cannot go wrong with the use of metallics. You can bring home a mid-century coffee table with minimalist, clean lines or other luxury furniture in Kolkata to add a lavish golden sheen to the living space decor. You can also install pendant lights to continue the metallic theme. 

Take it a notch higher by getting cushions in metallic shades so it matches the overall theme of the room. However, do not overdo it and keep the metallic shade to a minimum, so it stands out from the other furniture pieces and accessories. The idea is to draw attention and not confuse the onlookers. So, if you use too many metallic items, you will create visual clutter. You must specifically choose the metallic items and scatter them around the room. Alternatively, you can create a single focus area where all the items are metallic because you want your guests to pay attention to that specific place. 

You can also create a metallic accent wall if you want.

Modern Coffee Tables And Side Tables Can Accentuate The Space

For creating a living room that exudes allure and charm, you can place modern coffee tables with abstract designs and minimalist lines. You can even place side tables so guests can keep their beverages while engaging in deep conversations. These tables can also act as organizational tools to help keep the things in the living room organized.   

Don’t Forget About Bringing Home A Charismatic Sofa Set

Your living room is incomplete without the installation of a sofa set. The sofa set can be as luxurious as you want, and it can instantly give the living room a makeover. You need to assess the size and dimension of the room before choosing the size and shape of the sofa. 

After that, you need to decide whether you want a leather or upholstered sofa. You can even opt for sofas in luxe materials like silk and fabric to add that oomph to your living room decor. The sofa set can be placed against the wall to create a comfortable corner in the living or place it in the center as the focal point. The placement of the sofa set is critical in setting the mood of the living room. 

Add A Bit Of Nature To The Living Room Decor

The introduction of green plants in living room design is the latest trend, and interior designers consider this a luxurious touch. Since the pandemic has made people realize the importance of staying indoors, bringing a bit of nature inside your home is critical. A splash of green will only augment the decor and add luxury. 

The Addition Of Rugs And Carpets Can Change The Way A Room Looks

A touch of luxury is added with exceptional-looking carpets and rugs. You can place them under the sofa set or the coffee table. It is not advised to cover the entire floor with a carpet, but you can choose specific areas to create a visual appeal. Also, if your living room is divided into the living space and dining room, it would be best to restrict areas using rugs. You can slip a gorgeous-looking rug under the dining table and one under the sofa to differentiate the two areas. 

The Bottom Line

Creating a luxury living room requires vision and imagination. You can also speak to interior designers or check out magazines before giving your living room a makeover. It is important to feel inspired and to understand your likes and dislikes. 

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