Dining Room Ideas for Hosting One-of-a-kind Gatherings at Home

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Dining Room Ideas

2022 has been a year of massive changes, especially in designing homes. The influence of the pandemic can be largely seen in how people decorate their homes. After all, almost two years of pandemic-induced lockdowns and work from home have changed the way people perceive interiors. So, it is no surprise that homeowners are returning to the classic-contemporary decor or minimal-chic style. These styles are particularly prevalent in intimate areas, such as the dining room, bedroom, and living room. 

Since people are staying home more than attending fine dining restaurants or going out clubbing, the idea is to turn the dining room into a cozy space. Of course, the decor must be in sync with the homeowner’s personality so lavish gatherings and events can be organized in the home. Overall, this year is seeing the use of luxurious details and refined materials to lend timeless elegance to the dining room. 

Of course, there are too many trends and different styles of dining room furniture available at the best luxury furniture store in Kolkata to sift through and ideas to consider. It can become a monumental task if the responsibility of giving your dining room a makeover lies solely on you. Fret not, because here’s a compilation of some of the best classic dining room ideas that will help you make a swift decision. 

Soft, Serpentine Lines


Are you following this year’s fashion trends? Oversized garments dominate fashion shows. However, the trend in interior design is the opposite, as interior designers opt for sofas, furniture, and accessories in rounded, minimalist shapes. 

To make the dining room comfortable and cozy, homeowners choose enveloping, elegant seating that welcomes the guests to have a good time. In addition, rounded, curved lines are prevalent where the oval dining table stands out because of its semi-circular legs. Finally, you can place chairs around it with rounded backrests for the perfect combination. 

Finish the sophisticated, ornate look of the dining room by installing spacious sideboards and glass cabinets. The absence of edges will bring alive the interior decor and make the room appear inviting. 

The Focus is on Quality Furniture

Luxury Furniture

Interior designers are returning to using high-quality furniture that stands out for its plush appearance and functionality. Furniture designed to last generations can transform your dining room decor and make it the ideal space to host large parties and gatherings. While mass-produced furniture isn’t disappearing, you can create the perfect balance by introducing luxury furniture. Luxury furniture will lend a classy, elegant look to your dining room and make it unique. As a result, your dining room will be the go-to place for formal and informal events. Luxurious furniture is reminiscent of banquet halls and will transport you to the classic era. 

Use of Mirrors and Other Reflective Materials

Dining Room Décor

Mirrors have always been in trend when it comes to designing homes. They are not going anywhere. In addition to mirrors, reflective surfaces have emerged as a huge craze in 2022. The more reflective and shiner they are, they will be suitable for a sophisticated dining room. It will showcase a combination of the elegance of fine materials and the gritty appearance of contemporary metals. 

You can utilize the allure of contemporary minimalism, which is found in square lines, polished metal finishes, soft colors, and rigorous shapes. You can even introduce classic marble surfaces with golden details to take the design of your dining room a notch higher. 

Classic and Contemporary Dining Table Styles

Modern dining tables are great, but the focus is on contemporary and classic dining table styles. The tables showcase curved lines, and there are intricate details that make them the focal point of the dining room. There’s the neoclassical influence that adds to the elegance and timeless factor of the decor. It would be best if you visited a dining table showroom in Kolkata to browse through the options. Next, you must match and mix the table with the other furniture in the room. 

Before visiting the showroom, find the table size you need for your dining room. Also, you can decide whether you want a dining table and chair combination, or you will individually combine them according to your sense of style. For instance, you can purchase the dining table before and combine it with chairs from a different era to create a contrast and ensure an even bigger visual impact when someone walks through the door. 

Soft, Precious Fabrics are the Order of the Day

Dining Room Decoration

Soft, precious fabrics convey a sense of ultimate coziness and security. The fabrics used by interior designers are tweed, satin, crushed velvets, damask, lampas, etc. These fabrics are used for upholstering the dining room seating to make them appear more ornate and extravagant. You can also see their utilization in carpets, cushions, curtains, and other accessories. 

Wall Panels are in Vogue


Wall paneling is a traditional dining room idea that has found its way into the design trend in 2022. Tiles are being used less, and they’re going down in importance. Instead, designers opt for wall paneling to protect and cover the dining area. It would be great if you could use the same material for the wall paneling used for the dining table. These are easier to manage and clean. It will also provide a minimalist, classic look to your dining room. 

The Bottom Line

So, these are some of the classic dining room trends you can keep in mind when renovating the dining area. Once the renovation is complete, your dining area will be transformed to give your guests a good time. As soon as they walk through the doors, they will be impressed with the contracts and combinations that showcase a fusion style.

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