Cues to Find Your Dream Sofa – A Step-By-Step Guide to Help You Make the Right Purchase

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A Step-By-Step Guide to Help You Make the Right Purchase Sofa

A sofa is the most utilized furniture piece for any house. Everything other item is positioned around it. Buying a sofa should never be considered an easy task. The ‘Buy’ is highly overlooked, which, in turn, causes issues later. If you are planning to replace your old sofa, glance through this article to gain some essential tips in that area.

Try the ‘custom’ option!

Custom Made Furniture


The best way to approach buying a sofa is getting it made from a custom furniture maker. This will give you the liberty to get creative and get it made exactly how you imagine it. It allows you to decide every single aspect of the sofa. Right from the colour, shape, fabric, design, dimensions, and everything else can be customized to form your desired sofa. This way, you also can manage the cost you have budgeted for the same. Even if sometimes, customization of a single piece may cost a few bucks higher than usual, it is definitely worth the money. Think about it as a qualitative buy or from an investment point of view. It is also a quality assured approach as all the materials as you yourself select all the materials.

Dare to Buy White!

Modern White Sofa


Most of us wish to have a fancy white couch but are extremely scared of buying it because of obvious reasons. Shed out that worry of a light-coloured sofa getting dirty or messed up! Look out for washable slipcovers available in the market that will provide you with a chance to dare for whites. If not possible, get them custom made tailored to every inch of your sofa. Some luxury brands also give away slipcover options like these which are easily washable at your home in a washer. You can even layer them with different textured throw pillows, woven shawls or blankets exhibiting vibrant shades to add that dash of colour pop in your living area. Create your own personal interior decor, which can be changed frequently as and when your heart desires. Finally, a white sofa can be yours to cherish.

Have Fun with Fabrics

Fabric Sofa Set Designs


Fabric selection is undoubtedly the most fun aspect of buying a sofa. Be very careful with your fabric selection, though. Think about all the possibilities related to the sofa’s utility, children of the house, naughty pets or even the messy member of the family. If your bar is weighing more on the messy side, play smart and go for textures. Patterned and textured fabric allows the dirt to seep in a while your washing cycle arrives. Another solution for this is to pick nude brown and dusty colours that will not reveal the dirt accumulation. You can get your sofa dressed in fabrics of your choice. Pay a visit to a modern furniture store in Kolkata to select the desired material from a wide variety available. The fabric sets the personality of the sofa. So, choose wisely!

Getting the Right Dimensions

Choosing the Right Size of Sofa


Measure that space in the living area which you’ll allot to your new sofa. It is essential to measure twice if not thrice; before you set out on your shopping spree. To get the right measurements that work with your lounge area, proportionally is crucial. Also, do not forget the flow of your room. Allow enough walking area for you to move freely to and fro in that room. If the sofa is too big, it is bound to restrict free flow movement. On the other hand, if the sofa is too small, the room will look out of proportion no matter how well you festoon it. Take professional help and suggestions from the salesperson before making the final buy.

Decide it’s the Utility

Stylish Sofa Designs


Ask yourself this one simple question, – What will you be using this sofa for? To lazily lounge in front of the TV with casual meals and snacks in your lap or just for formal conversations? The answer to this will determine the type or kind of sofa you should buy. If you are going to hang around watching TV and snack along, pick a couch with slipcovers made of durable fabric which is easy to wash or clean. You can also opt for a textured surface that will accumulate the dirt and dust in between your washing cycle.


If you are opting to use your sofa for a formal setting, pick a delicate light blush colour or leather dressed sofa. These kinds of pieces mark a statement and provide comfort at the same time. Add feather filled seats and backs for a more luxurious feel.

Draw Some Inspiration from Social Media and Decor Magazines

Exclusive Designs of Sofa for Living Room


Selection of sofas can sometimes be a really daunting task, and therefore, it is better to go in with a clear state of mind; knowing what to buy. Dig into interior design magazines and browse through various internet platforms to gather ample knowledge about styles that will suit your living space: cut pictures and archive photos from the net to draw inspirations from them. You can also use them as a reference while you wander through the stores. Try finding similar pieces with just the right dimensions that you measured back at your home. This extensive research is sure to make this buying process a lot smoother and efficient. You’ll be less confused with the array of options available to you. Furniture has evolved dramatically over the years. Modern, contemporary pieces are more sleek and composed, whereas traditional ones are more hearty and bulky. You have to choose between losing comfort for design or vice versa. Sometimes, you may get an ideal sofa featuring both, if you’re lucky. Most luxury furnishing brands today aim at creating designs that offer both comfort and functionality. Therefore, investing in a premium brand is always a thoughtful decision.


Most importantly, do not forget to have fun and enjoy this process as much as you can. Allow the professionals of the store to guide you and do not hesitate to ask even the silliest of queries. Understand the basics and take their suggestions before finalizing the piece.

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