Bring the Wow Factor into Your Home with these Home Décor Tips

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Home is where the heart is. It means a lot more than a mere place of shelter. A home is where you return to every day, leaving behind the noise of your chaotic life. It is where you enjoy moments of peace and quiet, and where you can safely ignore the poker faces and be yourself. Home is your slice of paradise on earth.

Your home can be a space that uplifts, inspires or calms you. But, most importantly, it is a space that you are proud of and want to show off to guests.

How Can You Create Such a Space?

Read on for some home décor tips that might inspire you if you are thinking of giving your home a makeover or decorating it from scratch. Considering these tips will help you bring that coveted ‘wow’ factor into your home.


  • A Touch of Color Can Make Your Space Pop

best color for living room walls

Is your space relatively neutral? If so, you can achieve a wow factor by adding colors. A pop of color can make a neutral space appear exciting. Select a color that is bright, bold and eye-catching.

There are two ways to add color to your living space:

  • You can paint the walls in contrasting or complementing colors, but make sure the color matches the rest of the décor elements, or
  • You can get soft furnishings and accessories in vibrant colors

When it comes to adding bright furnishings to your home, a visit to a modern furniture showroom in Kolkata or anywhere in India will get you sorted.


  • Add Privacy to Your Doors and Windows

decorative window film

Privacy is important to everyone. You would want your home to be a safe place for you and your family. To improve the security of your home, you can add some kind of film to your doors and windows. This way a partial part of your doors and windows will be masked.

If your property is on the road and publicly displayed, you might want to consider getting good quality curtains for your windows and doors. Curtains will not just prevent you from getting exposed, but also add a swanky look to your home.


  • Create the Illusion of Space Using Mirrors

mirror ceiling design

When it comes to creating illusions, mirrors are the ultimate choice. If you have a small space, but want to give your guests the impression that it is spacious, install ceiling to floor mirrors. By covering a large space of the wall, you will be creating an impression of enlarged space, even though it is not. To your guests, your room will appear twice its size.

You can do this with any room in your house, especially those that feel a bit cramped. Besides illusion, mirrors also help to bring more daylight. Also, since it is a reflective surface, mirrors can make your rooms appear bright even when you have not switched on all the lights in the room.


  • Do Not be Afraid to Go Big and Bold

modern chandelier

If the intention is to grab attention and make guests have their eyeballs hanging out, you need to get large pieces of accessories and artwork. Adding those to your home décor will add glamor and pizzazz to the room.

If your home has a contemporary, eclectic feel, you can add massive area rugs, oversized sculpture pieces and large-scale paintings. You can also add huge lighting fixtures, such as a chandelier in your living/drawing-room. You can even get rid of your small seating furniture and invest in a big, high-quality sofa.

It is important to remember that one large, functional piece is always better than several smaller pieces.


  • Create a ‘Hero’ Feature or a Point of Focus

hanging light fixtures

‘Wow’ factor does not mean that you have to turn your entire home upside-down. It’s okay if there’s no time for a full-blown renovation. Little changes can take you a long way. For instance, creating a point of focus in your home. This move is also known as a ‘hero’ feature since a single visual focus is all-important and everything around it is kept simple.

To add an immediate point of interest in a room, you need to think of furniture and accessories that have a high visual impact. For instance, you can place a large showpiece on the dining table or the coffee table in the living room. Or you can place it near the entrance so that people feel like they are walking into a home with a dreamlike décor. You can even replace the lighting fixtures in your drawing/living room by installing a big chandelier, which is bound to get a lot of attention. Make sure to keep the lighting fixtures around it simple so that the chandelier can stand out.

You can even get artistic wall décor and dedicate one entire wall to it so that it creates a distinct impression. For more ideas, you can walk around a modern furniture store.


  • Never Compromise on Quality

Furniture's Quality

Express your exclusive taste by selecting quality pieces that exude sophistication and finesse. When selecting your furniture, it is imperative that you only choose top-notch quality pieces. Investing in reputed brands known for timeless designs and extraordinary construction will give you a lifetime of joy.

So, these are a few ways by which you can give your home a ‘wow’ makeover. But, when deciding on the color, furniture and accessories, think about your comfort and personality. Your home will truly be ‘wow’ if you can balance between having a home that you want to come back to and a home that leave your guests breathless.


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