Biggest mid-century furniture trends to watch out for in 2022

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Furniture trends

Mid-century furniture is known for its timeless design elements specifically created with comfort in mind. The furniture pieces showcase a practical design element that makes them perfect for modern homes. They offer the perfect marriage between function and form. Featuring minimal ornamentation, the furniture pieces are easy to clean, and the design seamlessly blends crisp shapes and clean lines with organic materials and bright colors. Even though the mid-century style is classic, there’s a lot to love, and it fits perfectly with any contemporary, modern or even eclectic home decor. 

Since 2022 is knocking at the door, it is time to give your home a fresh makeover to welcome the New Year. There’s no better way to decorate your home and spruce it up than investing in some timeless mid-century furniture pieces that have lasted the test of time and promise to continue doing the same. 

A floor lamp made of brass or wood 

Stylish Floor Lamp

The brass or wood floor lamp ideally takes the beautiful shape of the globe at the top, and it showcases a thin arm. The lamp stays connected to a round bottom stand. The globe or the arm typically rests over the side table or sofa and offers a modern yet elegant ambiance to any mid-century home. 

You can easily find a brass lamp at any one of the leading furniture stores in Kolkata, and this particular piece of furniture is more suited for rooms with earthy tones, such as beige, gray, brown, ivory or black. The brass floor lamp is known to compliment the earthen tones without demanding attention. So, your other furniture pieces can take center stage while the lamp quietly does its job. 

It would be best to place the lamp next to any piece of furniture you wish to bring attention to. 

If you wish to add a fun personality to your living room or bedroom, you can get a wooden lamp with three legs, which mimic the shape of a tripod. It blends perfectly well with neutral and bright colors and is ideal for homes trying to achieve a farmhouse mid-century look. 

Mid-century sofa 

luxury sofa

Your living room will be incomplete without a comfortable and plush sofa. The combination of high-quality materials, style, and craftsmanship make mid-century sofa styles stand apart. You can choose from tufted sofas with premium foam padding and wood lining or modular mid-century sofas that readily fit any modern space. 

If you need more ideas, you can walk into a luxury sofa store in Kolkata and check out upholstered or velvet tufted sofas. These materials will surely make your sofa appear from the era and give your home a refreshing appeal. 

A chandelier 

Chandelier Kolkata

To add a classic feel to any room, you can install a chandelier. The chandelier works by itself as a gorgeous conversation piece and an accent piece. It also offers enough light to highlight the other furniture pieces in the room. 

You can turn your home into a gallery by installing a sunburst chandelier. The elegant style of the chandelier is sure to make your guests keep talking about the fixture for many days to come. 

Mirror wall decor 

wall decors

Mirrors add a classic feel to any room and provide a practical touch. You can find mirror wall decors in various colors and styles to suit the overall decor of your room. However, if you are aiming for a traditional mid-century look, settle for colors like gold, wood and brass. These colors will suit any color scheme and make your home come alive. Moreover, the addition of mirrors on the wall will make any room appear bigger and more spacious. 

This mirror wall decor in Kolkata works wonderfully with both lavish and minimal room settings. It does not demand a lot of attention but works on its own to create a unique setting. You can place it above your sofa or couch or in the entryway to add elegance to your home. 

Place a wool rug 

area rugs

If you think your floor is too bare, you can add wool rugs because they are the perfect addition to all kinds of mid-century modern homes. Wool rugs come in a wide variety of weaves, patterns, colors and styles. Most importantly, the wool rugs last for a very long time. 

You can choose to cover the floor of an entire room using wool rugs or place small rugs under the sofa, chairs, or tables. 

Bring home a mid-century dining table set 

dining room furniture

Purchasing dining table sets is one of the most effortless ways to set up your dining room without having to run hither and thither. While many homeowners opt for coordinated pieces, the options are overwhelming, and it can become quite a time-consuming process. Therefore, it is best to settle for a mid-century dining table set in Kolkata that offers a retro vibe. Ensure the dining table set defines the personality and character of your home. 

If you have a small family and like to host intimate gatherings, you can settle for oval dining tables. On the other hand, if you love throwing lavish dinner parties and want to seat more than six people during dinner time, a rectangular or extendable dining table would be best. 

Summing up 

So, are you ready to give your home the much-needed makeover and welcome 2022? Keep in mind the mid-century furniture trends mentioned above and spruce up your space. First, however, you must remember to take your time and browse through all your options before deciding. 

Without further ado, head to a luxury furniture store to find elegant pieces perfect for your home. As you peruse the collection at the store, you’ll get more ideas to brilliantly decorate your home. 

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