Bedroom Decor Trends to follow in 2021

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Bedroom Trends 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted several industries, and the home space is not an exception. As people spent a lot of time indoors throughout 2020 and expected to continue doing so for the better part of 2021, people are craving more comfort. Also, people are reimagining their living spaces so that it can adjust to the ‘new normal’ lifestyle.

When you’re staying indoors for most of the time (or even when you’re not), one room that screams attention is the bedroom. This is the room that you return to, at the end of the day, yearning for warmth and comfort. This is the room that’ll help you relax and forget about the worries of the day. The bedroom is a haven of tranquility and peace where you’ll not just get a good night’s sleep, but also feel protected.

If you’ve been unable to design and decorate your bedroom according to the 2020 bedroom decorating trends, here’s your chance of starting 2021 on a fresh note. Take a look at the bedroom décor trends that are making waves this year.

  1. Shades of grey and the undying combination of black & white are all the rage

The days of cream, white and beige being the obvious choice for the most stylishly decorated bedroom is fading away. Even though those shades do an amazing job of embodying peaceful and calming vibes, interior decoration ideas and trends are going through a lot of changes. As such, the rage today are shades of grey, along with aesthetic deeper tones.

Moreover, the classic and ever-stylish combination of black & white is making a comeback. This color combination is extremely simple but supremely fashionable. Don’t be surprised to see this combination a lot this year and the next.

If you choose to paint your bedroom walls in darker shades, make sure to interject splashes of vibrant colors. You would want to break the deep tones so that your bedroom doesn’t give you a headache, but becomes your happy place.

  1. Minimalism is making headlines in the bedroom décor world

Minimalism is a distinguished bedroom décor trend of 2021. By adopting a style of minimalism for your bedroom, you can give your body and mind the relaxation it needs after leading a frenzied and chaotic everyday life.

Minimalistic bedroom design refers to creating an uncluttered environment with straight lines and soft shades. For this, you need to let your bedroom remain as spacious as it is by including essential furniture and bright accents. There’s no need to overload the space.

To achieve a minimal bedroom décor, you can visit any one of the luxury furniture stores in Kolkata and get a comfy bed, a bedside table, and maybe a single sofa and a small coffee table. You can also add a reading lamp and to make your bedroom cozier, get a rug or carpet.

  1. The use of natural materials is a huge craze

Bedroom Interior Design

When it comes to bedroom makeover, people are going gaga over the use of environment-friendly, natural materials. Even though this isn’t a trend that particularly started this year, but 2021 just made it more popular. Interior designers are increasingly using eco-friendly materials, such as wood and bamboo. Upholstered sofas are also quite popular and from carpets and rugs to bedspreads, you’ll find every item with some level of natural fibers incorporated in them.

When you use natural materials for your bedroom, the room is going to have a rustic feel and create a comfortable zone for you to sleep peacefully.

  1. Adding textures is a great way to amp up the warmth level of your bedroom

Bedroom Furniture Design

If you want your bedroom to look and feel cozy, layer it up with throws and blankets on your bed. You can also add warmth to your bedroom by using new curtains. You can add a rug or carpet. Besides this, you can add texture to the walls of your bedroom by choosing to use wallpaper for one of the walls. You can go to a wallpaper store in Kolkata and get wallpaper that is brightly colored with lots of patterns and designs. This will make the wall pop out.

  1. Multi-functional bedrooms are increasingly becoming popular

2020 has been an unpredictable year and it has made people rethink how they use the rooms in their house. Since most people are still working from home, creating a cozy and comfortable space is the need of the hour.

Now, a lot of people might not have thought about creating a working space in their house. You can combat this by doubling your bedroom as your home office. This can be done by adding a comfortable chair or sofa and a table to the bedroom décor. If not working space, you can utilize this space to read a book before going to bed or enjoy your morning tea without leaving your bedroom. This will quickly make your bedroom multi-functional.

  1. The boho décor trend is still going strong

If you wish to decorate your bedroom as a place of creativity and visual interest, the boho décor trend is right up your alley. This trend can aesthetically transform your bedroom while still maintaining a relaxed atmosphere. A boho look will add personality to your bedroom. For creating this look, you can add fashionable lamps so that a focal point can be created. You can even add wall décor in Kolkata that will represent your inner creativity and personality. Moreover, the wall décor is going to add a bit of texture to the room. The wall décor can be anything, from a mirror to a photo frame. What’s more, you can add a bit of greenery to your bedroom in the form of plants.

So, these are a few of the raging bedroom décor trends of 2021 that you need to know. If you’re thinking of transforming your bedroom, consider the above-mentioned ideas. You can also visit a showpiece shop in Kolkata to check out what’s hot.

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