9 Smart Ways to Design Your Coffee Table

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Designing coffee tables can be a tad frustrating. It begins as a simple task, and then everything goes haywire. While the decor options are endless, the possibilities can drive you away from getting the right decor in place. In essence, coffee tables are a great way to depict your creative talent in one go.

Further, a coffee table decor beside other modern furniture can be one out of a few less permanent inclusions in your living space. One might as well start by swapping books for tabletop objects, candles, flowers, or probably a mix of all these things. The idea is to depict your coffee table as the centerpiece of attraction that holds your current and most lovable obsessions. From keeping little mementos to stacking books and other unconventional furniture, here are ten awesome ideas to deck up your coffee table. Read on to find out more. 

Keep it Clear

Simple Coffee Table Design

Glass top coffee tables make way to showcase the right amount of accessories without having to worry about turning into a maximalist. The sleek yet simple design that’s see-through is overpowering over other models. Leave to the objects of decor to do the talking for you. Feel free to style your way!

A Mini-Library Maybe?

Glass top coffee table

While designing a coffee table, use books to the best of your advantage to create. You might as well keep a handful of your favorite reads, sitting pretty right on the top. Alternately, you might as well choose books that you haven’t read personally. Don’t worry! No one’s going to judge you for that. You will be delighted to know if anyone picks up a book and finishes the same to let you know what an incredible read it was.

A Rendezvous with Flowers

coffee table flower vase

Are you a minimalist? Then the flowers are going to be your best friend for decor. If you are planning to use flowers, ensure you clear the clutter from the center table (disguised as a coffee table) and let the flowers take the maximum spotlight. Hard to get a supply of fresh flowers every day? No worries. Break out the fine china made flower vase you have been planning to use for a long time and let it stand solo.

Use a Tray for Good

tray decor on coffee table

A tray comes in real handy as a part of essential coffee table decor and helps collect the smallest of one and all objects. Also, it is convenient when you have no option left but to turn a coffee table into a makeshift dining arrangement.

The Power of Layers

Under Coffee Table Storage

Take time to add dimension in and around your space by layering around as well beneath the coffee table. Such an arrangement creates an illusion of things resting in multiple tiers. In essence, it adds a whole new dimension and a strong appeal to the area. You might choose to slide a low stool to accommodate extra sneaky seating options.

Move Away from Being Conventional

coffee table with stools

No one’s ever mentioned anywhere that a coffee table is meant solely to serve coffee. When looking to make the most of your decor, it’s wise to think right outside the conventional realm to spruce things up. One can use a vintage trunk or maybe cushioned bench to add an accent close to the coffee table.

Always Seek to Include More

Space Decor with the CoffeeTable

The old god adage the more, the merrier fits aptly while choosing to achieve great inner space decor with the coffee table. Hence, if your budget permits and space allows for, don’t limit yourself to just one coffee table. Instead, invest in buying a couple more and place them at different locations around your living spaces to up your aesthetic outlook.

A Catchall for One and Everything

coffee table accessories

When looking to make the best of your decor approaches for a coffee table, ensure to make it a catchall for all big and small things. From candles, sculptures, books, flowers, and what not –make them sit pretty atop. Also, when you are at it, ensure that one doesn’t end up doing too much or too less, but just the right balance of all things.

Keep Things to a Bare Minimum

Coffee Table Designs

Never underestimate the power of simplicity. Remember that the key to stylizing a coffee table doesn’t have to put on all pretty things on earth in one platform. Give your decor a little bit of space and free away from the clutter for a neat and curated look. Embrace the ideals of a zen and give your coffee table design a fresh lease of life by staying appealing and straightforward.

Wrap Up

So, you see, designing a coffee table doesn’t have to be a hard day at work. With a little bit of enthusiasm and a sense of beautification, one can turn their coffee table into a piece of sheer delight. Now that you know how to go about designing your coffee table, we would love to hear from you about your little creation. Feel free to share your ideas and what all you achieved in creating your coffee table in the comments section below.

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