5 Interior Decoration Secrets That Nobody Told You About

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Interior Decoration Ideas

Interior decoration is one such creative study that has come along a long way to influence fine living from close quarters. As such, not everyone is able to achieve what one might refer to as the perfect bliss with inner decor methods. Having said that, there’s no denying the fact that any home decor project when beginning from scratch can be a baffling affair. After all, there’s a lot of stuff to think about-furniture, colours, designs and much more. Imparting a designer’s touch to a home is all about being creative and basking on the very essence to embark on it. It’s never destination but a journey instead, that meets one with beautiful turnings along the way. While majority of interior design approaches a project in similar ways, there are still little known secrets that can cast an alternate spell to up the game by leaps and bounds. Here are 5 such interior decoration secrets that not many have heard about. Read on to find out more on this.


The Beginning


Often,  people tend to hire a professional interior designer to help redecorate their house. However, one can also embark on decorating their house on their own. So, how to go about it? Let’s check it out. When starting to work on the interior decoration all by yourself, the floor plan plays is to be taken into consideration seriously. Only after careful examination of the floor plan, you will be able to get an ally on the kind of furniture that would go along with it or deemed as appropriate. The floor plan shall also help you to determine which kind of furniture goes where and in what manner it can be arranged to make an impact. While you are at, it is also important to chalk out a designing palate for the entire apartment. Further, it is also important to list down all things that you need to buy and narrow it down to a bare list of essentials, stuff that you can’t just do without. This will also help you to shop according to budget and pick up things that are needed the most to start decorating your new apartment. Once you have your basic elements in place, it’s time to shop from modern furniture stores in Kolkata.


It’s all about colours


While deciding on colours for overall apartment, it only becomes easy when you take a cue from all that landscape around your house. Choose from colour ideas that resemble the colour of nature and associated objects, as it is always a subtle option to go for. To keep a link between each colour and surrounding, use a touch of your main colour in every single corner, every room of your house. However, don’t just leave in copious amounts, but in bits of shades to help avoid chaos of contrast. Try experimenting with your main colour across a wide variety of items. Do mix-n-match of things. Green chairs and blue pillows, art prints on corridor walls and just about everything that you can think of works best for your apartment.


A little bit of curation goes a long way


Access your personal style and let your creative vision guide you towards successfully decorating your apartment. Start by making a list of all styles and colours that you want to see in your house, along with essential modern furniture like custom dining tables or Italian sofa sets for instance. Now, work towards narrowing down the things. Take inspiration from nearby homes , if any you like or from magazines like Better Homes. There’s a good possibility you will witness your favourite themes being featured and discussed already. With the right kind of theme and decor items selected, it’s only a matter of time before your apartment transforms into a dream house, just like the one you have dreamt about.

Cozy yet Full Of Energy


Cozy yet full of energy? Sounds confusing right? Well, that’s where the challenge lies. It is the right balance of warmth and vitality that make up for a home that is all the way functional yet relaxing to the core. Once you have decided on your colour scheme for your house, it’s time to work towards the fun bit. Putting your newly bought furniture and accessories in order. The primary aim should be to create a cozy atmosphere which should also be brimming with energy in tandem. Start by opting for layering one decor item with another. This should impart a lively feel within your apartment. Start by experimenting with different colours and a wide range of fabric choices so as to help decide what works best for you and your family members in your house.


Give attention to scale


Working with furniture of different shapes and size is also an essential element of interior decoration and help impart balance and energy. Supposing, in a room where everything else is small scaling down things would impart a dollhouse effect. However, on the other hand, when everything tends to a little too big in size within a room, it might be a bit overwhelming and never desirable. This is chiefly due to the fact that one can’t help travel his eyes all around the room but instantly take to disliking as it can’t sit in one place. Hence, a good idea would be is to strike the right kind of balance by pairing both smaller and bigger objects at regular intervals. Also, cohesive selecting of decor pieces does wonder to add symmetry to the overall layout of a room.


So, what do you think of these tips? Are you looking to make the very best of such tips to impart a new makeover for your apartment? Or may be decorate your new apartment? What do you like the most? Please drop us a line below and let us know. We would love to hear from you!

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