5 Awesome Ways to Glam up Your Home Like Never Before

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How many times have you wished your living room would look like a page right out of Better Homes and Garden Magazine? With urban spaces turning out to be more and more crunched owing to rocketing real market prices, a majority of us have to settle for a lot less than our dream. However, that shouldn’t put a stumbling block in our way to brighten up our living space. Here’s a look at five tried and tested ways how you can bring out the very best within the walls of your sweet abode, like never before. 

Small Rooms and What You Can do About It

If you live in a modest house, it doesn’t mean you have to give in for a cramped up living. There are still ways you can do wonders within limited spaces. For starters, you need to get the right kind of mirrors. Mirrors are a sure-fire way to make any room, or for that matter, any area appears bigger than its actual size. A full-sized mirror, when placed in the right position, can bring about a refreshing change in the surroundings. If that doesn’t satisfy you, consider painting your walls in white and complement the same by bringing in drapes, which should necessarily be of the same color. Sheer drapes are a great option and suit the purpose rightly. Also, one can make use of furniture that is readily expandable or can be wheeled or folded when you are not using it for a long time. As a basic step, always refrain from buying too much and don’t stuff in too many goods inside one room. Leaving empty spaces between your furniture also adds to the accent of a room conjuring a lighter, comfortable look.

Lack of Natural Light

Natural light inside a room is always a delight and adds to the general appeal of the room. A room that is devoid of light readily paints a gloomy picture, which calls for smart improvisation as a solution. When natural light is hard to come by inside a room, it’s time to get creative. Start by creating a layer of lights- table lamps, focus lights, and floor lamps are an excellent way to start. All these lights readily offer a pool of incessant light that throws in a feel that is comfy and all the way intimate. Floor lamps are in vogue now and are associated with imparting character and warmth in and around a room. Suspending pendant lights are also a fine addition, and you might as well choose modern chandeliers from a home decor store to achieve the effect. This should give the onlookers an illusion of height.

A Room that’s Dull and Lifeless

Is there a room in your house that looks dull and morbid readily? Maybe it doesn’t receive a lot of natural light, which is usually the primary cause of such an appearance. So, what should you do about it? Think plants. There’s nothing compared to plants when you are looking to bring a dash of green to your interiors. You can choose from a wide range of offerings that include ferns, peace lilies, money plants, and herbs. Use colorful pots to put them in corners of your room or nearby windows. Not only such a setup instantly works to rev up a room but also offers oxygen as a bonus.

Apart from putting plants, another great way to make a room look lively would be placing a display case to depict your creative side. Keep your books arranged in fashion and paint it up with mementos and souvenirs from your life events along with memorable snapshots. You can supplement the same with some good contemporary artwork depending on the size of your wall. Make sure to buy an artwork that actually appeals to you and not just for the sake of purchasing art.

Get Rid of Shabby Furniture

There’s no denying the truth that every single piece of furniture gets to see its twilight. However, there may be times when your old furniture starts to look out of the place in your new apartment. So, instead, you fret about it, here’s a smart way to roll. Start by creating a visually attractive design across the walls in order to snatch away the attention from the furniture to the walls. You might as well do the same for the floors, too, by adding in some brightly colored and tasteful rugs and carpets from carpet shop in Kolkata that could shift the attention readily. Also, try to bring about a pattern by throwing in pillows and slipcovers, which does a great job in hiding almost any shabby furniture that is out there.

Are You Simply Bored Inside Your Living Space?

Now, apart from all the reasons listed above, there can be one more reason as to why a makeover or retransformation is necessary. It’s you getting bored and wanting to witness a little bit of zing around the place you stay. If you can’t find anything to start, start by doing away with your traditional upholstery and bring in new bold and colorful prints. If you are not keen on upgrading your furniture, start with updating your soft furnishing. Even simpler, start by buying some pillows and pair it up with a vase full of seasons’ fresh blooms.

 You see, in order to glam up your house, one doesn’t really have it try too hard. Just a little bit of improvisation goes a long way. So, what are you waiting for? Bring forth your ideas to life, and let’s rethink our living spaces right away!

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