2023 is Knocking at the Door! Get Ready with these Interior Design Trends

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Interior Decoration Trends

Transitioning back to pre-pandemic life hasn’t been easy. While life may never go back to how it used to, the pandemic has caused most people to seek relaxation, rest, and solitude. Therefore, the top priority is the creation of a tranquil home, and you can achieve this by following the top 2023 interior design trends. Let’s go. 

Muted Colors

Home Interiors

In 2023, it is all about cozy, comforting, warm colors that incite a heartwarming feeling. So paint the walls in colors that remind you of nature. For example, deeper and calming tones, vibrant hues, different shades of blues or brown, etc. 

These colors are regarded as calming and earthy. 

A Walk Back to Traditional Interiors

Traditional Interior Design

Minimalism has had its era of popularity, but in 2023, the shift seems to be back to mid-century and traditional styles. As a result, you’ll see homes decorated with a lot of classic influences. So think of oversized lamps, plush sofas, antique sofas, and so on.

You will find these elegant, luxurious pieces at the top premium furniture stores in Kolkata. You can also get custom furnishings to decorate your space straight from a fairytale.

Multi-purpose Interiors

Multi Purpose Room

Rooms can no longer have a single purpose. They must serve multiple functions. The COVID-19 pandemic has already proved this. Haven’t you had problems finishing tasks at the dining table while your children are having dinner?

So you cannot have dedicated rooms anywhere that serves a single purpose. There’s a growing demand for multi-purpose rooms with flexible interiors. For example, a kitchen is not only a kitchen but also a place for entertainment. It can also double as a homework station during the weekends.

Therefore, the focus is on creating multi-use spaces like a studio that triples as an events space, a pop, and a workspace.

When giving your home a makeover, ensure to accurately explain to your interior designer the kind of work you do and your lifestyle requirements.

The Rise of Marble

Marble Floor Tiles

Marble isn’t a trend per se, but its use has increased significantly. As you know, the beauty of marble will never go out of style. They’re timeless and can add beauty and elegance to home interiors for years to come. 

However, the use of this stone in home interiors has undergone a significant change. For instance, it is being used in places like the benchtop found in the kitchen. You can also get dining tables with marble tabletops to add panache to your space. Even marble coffee tables are a huge hit among homeowners. 


Stripes Home Decor

Stripes are coming back in 2023 in a big way. Whether used in textiles, wallpaper, or paint, they can add a high-contrast design element to home decor. Homeowners can make a bold statement with this pattern. 

The Use of Meaningful Objects

Home Interiors

In the post-pandemic world, people are leaning into authenticity and prioritizing their joys over everything else. So calming blues and soft greens are combating chaotic political landscapes. However, the shift is also toward meaningful objects that can fill homes and add an element of creativity. So if you have antiques or any object of value you want to display, this is the time. By displaying meaningful objects, you can showcase your most authentic self. 

A Focus on the Abstract

Abstract Interior Design

Abstract designs and matching design elements are also making a comeback. That’s why more and more people are opting to get dining tables and dining chairs separately. Although it is easier to settle for a dining table set, people decide to showcase their unique styles and personalities by harmonizing two styles. 

Statement Rugs

Rugs for Home

Although neutral rugs are not going out of style, statement rugs are on the rise and trending. Today, rugs are being used as functional floor art, becoming a fixture in the home. Choosing the right statement rug for your home will enhance the overall interior design and make your guests complement your bold choices. 

The Use of Gold

Golden Decoration Ideas

Everybody wants to turn their homes into a haven of luxuriousness, and you cannot achieve that without the introduction of gold. A subtle introduction of this metal will be placing gold throw pillows on your sofa set or introducing elegantly framed gold mirrors on the wall. You can also get gold chandeliers in modern design or coffee tables with gold framing and legs. 

But if you want to adopt the gold trend, remember that less is more. So it would be best if you prevent yourself from going overboard. Too much gold can make your home appear intense, and it might not look as appealing as it did in your imagination. 

Evoke a Sense of Escape

Calming Interior Design

The pandemic has impacted lifestyles as it confined people to the four corners of their homes. That’s when people realized home interiors must change. In 2023, one of the top trending home designs is the creation of a vacation-like retreat. So the theme can be one of wanderlust, and it can have pieces from your travels on display. You can even dedicate a wall in the living room to place travel pictures or paint the wall with your favorite memory of the beach. 

The Use of Wallpaper

Wallpaper for wall Design

Being able to refresh the design of your home quickly is a boon. It will keep things fresh, and you’ll not find your home interior monotonous. One way to do this is by visiting a wallpaper shop in Kolkata and changing how your walls look. 

Wallpapers come in all shapes, sizes, and designs. So you can choose the one that goes best with your home interiors. In addition, you can change the wallpaper whenever you feel bored and want to make minor changes. 

Final Thoughts

The attempt is to create designs and home interiors closer to nature. With multi-use, flexible rooms and comfortable designs, staying home will be an experience one would want to share with others. Also, your home must have all the essentials, like a cozy sofa set, dining tables and chairs, and the right accessories to enhance the aesthetic appeal.

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