10 Modern Sofa Styles that Will Truly Make You Fall in Love

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Are you a sofa-shopping fiend? Do you spend your free time thinking of ways to pep up the look of your home? What started as a whirlwind romance with home décor, has turned into a bit of an obsession?

Everybody knows that the sofa is the highlight of a living room, the center of attention and the ‘hero’ of the décor. Also, a snug place where you can lift your legs up, open up a bottle of wine and relax. A comfy, cozy sofa can lift your spirits in ways that your better half cannot!

If you pore over design sites like, Apartment Therapy and hang on every word uttered by the famous American interior designer, Kelly Wearstler while listening to Gwen Stefani, your constant sofa searching ends today. Here is a list (compiled with a lot of love and of course, painstaking ‘poring’) of the most knockout modern sofa styles that deserve a place in your home. Let’s go.

  1. Bridgewater Sofa – classy and simple
bridgewater sofa
Image Credit: Freepik

When you want something exotic, but don’t want to rub your guests’ noses into your amazing artistic side, bring home the Bridgewater sofa. Featuring a rolled back, a skirt and low arms, this sofa knows how to maintain a low profile while making a killer impression. Just throw some cushions and prepare to WOW!

  1. Aria Velour Sofa – a small, yet towering presence
Aria Velour Sofa
Image Credit: BurkeDecor

For a pre-war bungalow or studio apartment with limited space, Italian sofa manufacturers have got the perfect creation – Aria Velour Sofa. It may seem little with its small frame and slanted legs, but the velour upholstery and retro styling make a big statement. Its small size gives it an advantage of comfortably occupying any space and give it life.

Brownie points? It comes in myriad colors. So, make it pop!

  1. Loveseat – it’s in the name!
Image Credit: Freepik

Loveseats bring people closer. They’re fashionable and are designed for a maximum of two people. They don’t take up much space and belong to the category of most popular living room furniture. They’re available in aesthetic design and brightly colored upholstery for a trendy look.

Ready to fall in love sitting on a loveseat?

  1. Bryce Minimalist Sofa – a must-have for medium-sized homes
bryce minimalist sofa
Image Credit: Freepik

Bryce minimalist sofa is the ideal companion to your spacious apartment or medium-sized home. Comes in sundry colors and fabric choices, Bryce is often compared to a chameleon as it can fit any and all mid-sized spaces. Place Bryce on the center of your living room, adjust your lighting and let this man enjoy his spotlight.

  1. Cyrus Sofa – contemporary and versatile
Cyrus Sofa
Image Credit: Freepik

As you know, contemporary is an umbrella term, but since the requirements of this age and time are versatility, Cyrus sofa stands tall. This is a well-rounded, handsome-looking sofa. It is a bit like a gentleman – smooth and gentle, yet stately and refined. The simple styling and clean lines of the sofa help it to blend with any background motif or décor.

This is a sofa that your parents will approve!

  1. Adelita Sofa – a flawless concoction of retro and modern styling
Adelita Sofa
Image Credit: Wayfair

Women like to flaunt their flawless beauty and dress up for the times, but maintain a transcendental appearance – that’s Adelita sofa for you. Very modern, yet timeless. The angled legs appear graceful under the fabric upholstered polished seating. She is a real stunner, but a lot more than just a pretty face. Get it home and explore the joys of sitting on this finely crafted sofa.

  1. Bardot Velvet Sofa – calling it classy would be an understatement!
Bardot Velvet Sofa
Image Credit: ModernDigs Furniture

Uber luxurious and super soft, velvet is a popular sofa fabric and truly fit for royalty. Only the most elite furniture dealers in Kolkata offer sofas upholstered in velvet (and it is easy to guess why!).

The plush Bardot sofa comes in jewel-toned hues like bold blue, emerald green and flirty pink. Was someone talking about making a splash? You cannot go wrong with these colors! You can immediately inject fun, life and laughter with sofas in such vibrant hues and the colorful tones of the Bardot sofa can be further accentuated with patterned pillows in toned-down hues.

  1. Ford Leather Sofa – you can blindly depend on!
Ford Leather Sofa
Image Credit: Wayfair

Tanned and rugged, Ford leather sofa is the dependable companion that’s been missing from your life. Always ready for your afternoon siesta or evening relaxation. The classic lines and effortless styles make it stand apart from all other sofa styles, and the craftsmanship guarantees long-time commitment. Whether you prefer bohemian style or modern minimalism, this is the go-to sofa for your home.

  1. Zack Tufted Sofa – the next best alternative to Zac Efron’s arms!
Zack Tufted Sofa
Image Credit: Laws of Perth

Every surface of the Zack tufted sofa is covered in a square button-tufted pattern and this will make you want more of it. The curvy shape of the sofa feels extremely comforting and the feeling is equivalent to being cradled in a lover’s arm (or even better!).

Maybe Zack tufted sofa cannot fulfill all your needs, but when it comes to giving you comfort, support and peace, he ticks the boxes. Featuring a foam-padded back, seat and armrests, the sofa guarantees to give you the happiness that your lover cannot!

  1. Circular Sectional Sofa – sometimes, you need to sit in a trust circle!
round sofa
Image Credit: Home Interior Furniture

No, circular sofas never had a reputation for being versatile. But, circular sectional sofas certainly defy expectations. It comes as a five-piece furniture that have to be arranged like a circle and the middle portion serves as an upholstered table or ottoman. This is where all your friends can huddle up together to watch a really scary horror movie!

When you’re not in the mood for too much human contact, simply pull away the pieces and it can double as seating for guests.

Here’s hoping that you are inspired enough to start your modern sofa love story, today!

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